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Published by Feiwel & Friends,
Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group
On sale April 2016
Hardcover Chapter Book
Ages 6-10 | 336 pages | $13.99   
ISBN 978-1-250-02693-4



Andy Griffiths

Author of The 52-Story Treehouse


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  • New York Times bestselling author of The Day My Butt Went Psycho!, Zombie Butts from Uranus!, and Butt Wars! The Final Conflict, as well as the Treehouse Series and Killer Koalas from Outer Space
  • Australia’s most popular children’s writer
  • First Australian author to win six Children’s Choice Awards in one year (Just Shocking!, 2007)
  • Passionate about inspiring a love of books in his young readers
  • Works as an ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Project, which provides books and literacy resources to remote indigenous communities around Australia


  • April 24, 4 PM | St. Louis, MO | St. Louis County Public Library
  • April 27, 6 PM | Harbor Springs, MI | Hosted by Between the Covers at Petoskey High School
  • April 30, 11 AM | Ann Arbor, MI | Nicola’s Books
  • May 2, 6 PM | Naperville, IL | “Jeff Kinney and Andy Griffiths LIVE!” hosted by Anderson’s Bookshop at Community Christian Church                      
  • May 5, 7 PM | Tempe, AZ | Changing Hands Bookstore
  • May 6, 6 PM | San Francisco, CA | Kepler’s Books


New York Times bestselling author Andy Griffiths and illustrator Terry Denton have expanded by 13 stories yet again in the series Publishers Weekly described as “Anarchic absurdity at its best.”

The wildly zany, fully illustrated Treehouse series hails from Australia where it has been a national #1 bestseller, with more than 1.5 million copies sold. Here in the U.S., the stories are often compared to books by Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Dav Pilkey (The Adventures of Captain Underpants). Their popularity keeps growing globally thanks to the slapstick humor that Andy and Terry continue to deliver.

The 52-Story Treehouse (Feiwel & Friends), the fourth in the Treehouse series, releases in April with a five-week world tour that features a full line-up of author events for Andy in the U.S. in both bookstores and schools and a ticketed event with Jeff Kinney outside Chicago.

In the new book, best friends Andy and Terry are up to their usual hilarious antics (and distractions) while working to turn in their next novel. The formerly 39-story treehouse has a chainsaw-juggling level, a make-your-own-pizza parlor, a rocket-powered carrot-launcher, a life-size snakes and ladders game, a remembering booth, and a Ninja Snail Training Academy. It also has a high-tech detective agency, with all the latest high-tech detective technology, including the Disguise-o-Matic 5000, something that is sure to come in handy as they try to solve the mystery of “What happened to Mr. Big Nose?” After all, it’s hard to turn in your next book when your publisher has vanished!

Parents and teachers appreciate the creators’ covert attempt at teaching middle-grade (and often-reluctant) readers the art of storytelling. Each book follows the fictional friends trying to complete their next novel—Andy brings structure to the process of making a book, and Terry brings the creative chaos.

“Although it’s obviously silly, it does capture a metaphoric truth about the real-life experience of creativity,” says Andy. “It’s so easy to get distracted by ideas and by each other… but later you realize that the distraction provides you with material to work with.”

Kids can enter the series—which appeals to ages as young as five and up to 12, and even adults—at any point. Following the tour, Andy and Terry will begin renovations for the next Treehouse sequel, The 65-Story Treehouse.

Praise for the Treehouse books

“Twice the treehouse, twice the fun? You bet…. Denton’s furiously scrawled line drawings milk the silly, gross-out gags for everything they’re worth. Kids should be flipping pages faster than a pair of inflatable underpants can skyrocket the young heroes to safety.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review on The 26-Story Treehouse

“This zany sequel, as much cartoon illustration as text, is an almost nonstop adventure.” —Booklist on The 26-Story Treehouse

“The conversational, matter-of-fact narration is a delightful contrast to the off-the-wall story line. Wildly humorous without being smart-alecky or sarcastic, this is a top choice for middle-grade readers.” —School Library Journal on The 26-Story Treehouse

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