Find Your Audience and Community: Bookstagram & BookTok

What’s the 4-1-1 with social media lately? It’s hard to keep up with which platforms are in and which are out­ (sorry, Facebook), so here’s our breakdown of the two most popular and effective platforms in terms of social media book marketing: TikTok and Instagram! Whether you’re seeking video content or photos and graphics, both […]

Getting Your Book in Front of its Audience: Placements in Retail Stores

Book sales are never guaranteed. Even the best marketing placements and publicity opportunities that flash your book cover in front of your target audience might not create a direct sale. Of course, guest spots on popular television shows, radio programs, and podcasts boost your influence and name, but those appearances don’t necessarily translate to sales […]

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasting is one of the most popular streaming platforms used right now. Whether about true crime or business endeavors, there is a podcast for everyone. But what is the point of podcasting? Can it truly help spread awareness on whatever topic you’re talking about? The answer is yes, it can. So what is the point […]

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements

Though the value of blurbs and endorsements on books has been debated in recent years, the power of a celebrity’s name on your book jacket is undeniable. Celebrities are some of the most influential people in the world, and they can help you get the word out when promoting your books. Endorsements give the impression […]

Niche Writers Workshops: Form a Writing Community (and Support Your Marketing Plan!)

This article is written by Lyn Barrett, author of Crazy: Reclaiming Life from the Shadow of Traumatic Memory. She is the founder of Dissociative Writers where she facilitates writers workshops for people with dissociative disorders and teaches a beginners class on memoir. She has been interviewed by public radio stations and podcasts around the country […]