Cameron Chambers


June 2015
Travel memoir
256 pages
ISBN: 9781938340406



Cameron Chambers (Seattle)

Fly fishing writer and author of Chasing Rumor


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  • Grew up in the heart of fly fishing country in Helena, MT, and has fished across the west and on several continents
  • Has written for Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Traveling Angler and other magazines
  • Was a fly fishing guide in Chile for a season and now focuses on writing, photography, and casting his own flies
  • Served as a smokejumper for the U.S. Forest Service and currently is a firefighter for Seattle Fire Department


A blip of prosperity at the turn of the 20th century brought American trout to Patagonia, then for a half-century they were forgotten to fight wars and build a nation. Rediscovered by fishermen a half-century later, the fish had grown to epic proportions.

In Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing Patagonia, Cameron Chambers chronicles his modern-day pilgrimage to the rivers of Patagonia in pursuit of these legendary 20-pound trout. What started as a trip focused on catching fish became a love affair with the Patagonian landscape, environment, and, mostly, the people.

From a business mogul turned B&B owner to a kid determined to save a local trout population, Chasing Rumor is at times the story of a handful of fishermen, and at other times a tale of enormous trout.


“Fly fishing off the beaten paths of Patagonia (and there are a lot of them) is not for sissies, but it can be a helluva entertaining adventure. I know—I’ve been there. Cameron Chambers captures it all—the wild rivers and lakes, small and giant fish, local characters and North American fish bums. Crack a beer and go along for the ride in his entertaining book.” —Tom Brokaw

“Cameron’s journey enabled him to compress, in a relatively short time, an understanding of himself and why we love fly fishing; something most fly fishermen acquire only during their lifetime. The dream of many is to chase a very special fish. Cameron brought to life the mythical chase and the joys, tribulations and finally understanding of that pursuit.” –Lefty Kreh

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