Charles Lewis

charlie 002CLewis_book cover_low resolutionBook Details:
Paperback, $14.95
Dog Ear Publishing
Release Date: September 2014
Pages: 260



Charles Lewis (Austin, TX)

Author of Breaking Precedent


Ashley Lauretta| | 512-487-7062 | Twitter: @ashley_lauretta


  • Cancer diagnosis eclipses book launch: Charles’ diagnosis with multiple myeloma two days after book release and his book re-launch now that he is in remission.
  • The authenticity of the novel: author Charles Lewis is a former civil litigator—reminiscent of John Grisham—and his unique perspective on modern litigation.

“After six years, the firm looked less like Lady Justice and more like a gold digger…”

Alpha associate Will Lively should know. Winner of the biggest verdict in firm history, he’s a sure bet to make partner. But when the case finally pays off with a multi-million dollar fee, Will finds himself suddenly out of luck.

His misfortune has barely begun. Instead of the corner office, he lands behind bars, charged with shooting his duplicitous boss, Dexter Billings. Losing everything he expected, Will finds what he wasn’t even looking for—his heart and soul.

Is it too late? Or can his legendary lawyer, Justin Jackson, save him from a brutal Texas pen?

“We’ve got murder, sex, violence, greed—a prominent lawyer, a handsome associate, an office tart, an All-American jock of a son. What the hell else could they possibly ask for?” Jackson demands.

A spectacle of a trial? You’ll get one, and then some.


Born in Houston, Texas, Charles Lewis has spent most of his adult life in the capitol of Austin, a musical and cultural oasis. He practiced as a civil litigator in the cutthroat world of trial law before earning an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. Charles later served as a managing editor at Summers Press, a small legal publishing house, before he undertook Breaking Precedent. The author currently fancies himself something of a postmodern Renaissance man. In his spare time, he loves sharing la bella vita with the residents anywhere in Italy, when he’s not fishing the fertile estuaries of his native Texas.


“A fast-paced legal thriller turning on questions of sex, self-defense, and murder . . . [T]he book’s final third, set during Will’s trial, is grippingly written, full of sharp dialogue, insider insights into the court system, and twists and well-placed revelations readers won’t expect.”    —Kirkus Reviews

“Part legal-thriller, part love story, and character-driven, Lewis has written a slick, fast-paced, entertaining novel that achieves a near flawless rhythm as the narrative builds . . . He may not be as well known as John Grisham, but he is on his way.”

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