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Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Frontline (September 2, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-1o: 162998020X
ISBN-13: 978-1629980201


Liberalism Alive and Well in America’s Churches via The Blaze

Social Justice Includes Defending Religious Liberty via The Christian Post



Chelsen Vicari (Washington, DC)

Author, Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith

Evangelical Program Director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy

Chelsen Vicari’s Blog


Jason Jones | | 512-481-7741 | Twitter: @Book_Publicist


  • Familiar face and credible source. Frequently contributes to numerous nationally-relevant outlets
  • Ability to analyze, summarize and simplify complex legislation/public policies, social activism, cultural movements and the impact their collision with faith has on America and the church
  • Young, conservative, female evangelical voice
  • Versatile.  Able to talk about numerous cultural issues as they relate to Christian faith
  • Readily available to talk and write


  • Dangers of the ‘emergent church’, liberal evangelicalism
  • Equipping millennials to engage with culture
  • Public policy, culture at the intersection of Christian faith
  • Unmasking the social justice disguise
  • Homosexuality, LGBT issues as they relate to faith and culture
  • Feminism in culture and the church
  • Pro-life, family advocacy


Chelsen Vicari is the Evangelical Program Director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy. She received her Masters of Arts in Government from Regent University and is a frequent contributor for numerous conservative outlets.  Prior to joining the IRD, she worked for Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest faith-based women’s public policy organization. She also holds a bachelor of science in political science and history and a master’s degree in international politics.


Can the evangelical church be saved?
Peek behind the curtain of some “hip” or “progressive” evangelical churches, past the savvy trends and contemporary music, and what you find may surprise you. Liberal evangelicals—despite how apolitical they claim to be—are gaining ground, promoting a repackaged version of Christianity that distorts the authority of Scripture and is causing a mass exodus of young people from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In Distortion Chelsen Vicari confronts this move away from authentic Christianity and the principles that have made America great. Arming you with Scripture, historic Christian teaching, and social science that specifically addresses the challenges confronting our country.

It is time to take a stand once again in the culture wars, this time for the sake of our youth and our future. To keep praying, keep acting, keep discerning truth, keep upholding Scripture as authority, and keep fighting on the battleground where Christianity and public policy collide. This is a great challenge. But it is one that every generation of evangelicals must be willing to take on for Jesus Christ.

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