Chris Enss


Paperback: 192 pages
July 2017, $16.95
ISBN-13: 978-1493008339
Size: 6 x 9



Chris Enss (Sacramento, CA)

The Pinks – The First Women Detectives, Operatives, and Spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency


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While you may remember learning about the Pinkerton Agency – a private security/detective agency from which developed today’s U.S. Secret Service – do you remember the story of the first woman detective in America? It’s true, well behaved women seldom make history.

The Pinks follows the true story of Pinkerton’s Kate Warne, and the stories of other women who served their country as latter-day crime fighters. Step into a different side of American history as you follow Kate’s journey, from her affair with Allan Pinkerton to the role she played in saving Abraham Lincoln’s life. Now that you’ve watched the little-known women from the NASA space program in the movie “Hidden Figures,” now you can learn about the pioneering women detectives who made waves under the radar.


  • Founding personalities of the U.S. Secret Service– the inside stories.
  • If author Chris Enss could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  • How did the author find the inspiration to write a story about Kate Warne, and why he found it necessary?
  • What was the most surprising thing Enss discovered when researching information about Kate and her fellow female detectives?
  • Why don’t schools shed more light on female historical figures? Why is it important to do so, i.e. “Hidden Figures”?


New York Times bestselling author Chris Enss is a comedian, performer and scriptwriter who has written for TV and film. Chris loves telling the stories of the men and women who shaped our country. Her past work includes: Love Untamed: True Romances Stories of the Old West, Gilded Girls: Women Entertainers of the Old West, and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon: Women Patriots and Soldiers of the Old West and The Cowboy and the Senorita; Happy Trails; The Young Duke; and Thunder Over the Prairie—soon to be a motion picture— with Howard Kazanjian. Her recent books include Frontier Teachers: Stories of Heroic Women of the Old West and The Doctor Wore Petticoats.

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