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Chris Everheart (Johnson City, TN)

Author of The Delphi Deception


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As a reluctant and struggling young reader often labeled as “slow” and “lazy,” Chris Everheart’s hunger for stories was fed mostly by daydreaming, TV and movies.

But in high school, he was inspired to read and connect to the arts and humanities by a dedicated teacher, thus opening up a world he might otherwise never have known. Not only did Chris become an avid reader, but eventually an award-winning author as well. His most recent project is the young adult thriller series, The Delphi Trilogy.

The trilogy begins with The League of Delphi and 17-year-old Zach, who made the mistake of returning to his wealthy hometown after 10 years in hiding. He slammed head-on into the conspiracy that killed his parents, drove a childhood friend to suicide and exploits other teens to fulfill an ancient agenda of greed.

His blind pursuit of the town’s deepest secrets—which harbor a dark connection to Ancient Greece and the Oracle at Delphi—left him injured and terrified, and the answers he got about his true identity were more disturbing than he could have imagined.

Zach’s story continues this fall with Book 2, The Delphi Deception, plunging readers deeper into a world of conspiracy and danger. Desperate to save his first love, Ashley, Zach is deterred by a mysterious man he thought was his ally. Forced to team with Ashley’s ambitious sister, he enters an alliance fraught with deception and betrayal.

Chris lives in Johnson City, Tenn.

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