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Truth in a Culture of Doubt

Sept 1, 2014
Paperback, 224 pages
B&H Academic
ISBN-10: 1433684047
ISBN-13: 978-1433684043


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Darrell Bock (Dallas, TX)

New York Times bestselling author (Breaking the DaVinci Code)

Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

Former president, Evangelical Theological Society


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  • Internationally-renowned Biblical scholar
  • Widely-known author of over 30 books on Biblical topics
  • Personable.  Versatile.  Expertly debates relevant cultural issues where they intersect/engage/conflict with faith.
  • Experience w/media includes among others:  ABC, CNN, Texas Faith blog at Dallas Morning News, countless radio interviews across a number of networks.
  • Available, based in major media market (Dallas)


  • New Testament studies
  • Church history
  • Apologetics, historical evidences of God, Christianity
  • Theological debate
  • Issues of religious freedom/liberty in the United States
  • Teaching / college, high school students


Dr. Darrell L. Bock is an evangelical Christian New Testament scholar and research professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.  He received his PhD from Scotland’s University of Aberdeen.

His works include the monograph “Blasphemy and Exaltation” in the collection Judaism and the Final Examination of Jesus, and volumes on Luke in both the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament and the IVP New Testament Commentary Series. Bock is a past president of the Evangelical Theological Society. He serves as a corresponding editor for Christianity Today, and he has published articles in the Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News.

Perhaps best known for his response to the theological implications of the novel, The Da Vinci Code, Bock wrote Breaking the Da Vinci Code, his best-selling work to date. The book challenges the historicity of various extra-biblical ideas expressed in The Da Vinci Code, most notably the supposed marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene. He also has written many piece for beliefnet.com and ChristianityToday.com. Bock also wrote The Missing Gospels, which argues for the existence and legitimate primacy of early Christian proto-orthodoxy over non-canonical gospels and beliefs.

On May 17, 2006, immediately before the film The Da Vinci Code opened, Bock appeared on the TV show Nightline.  Bock has debated agnostic Bible scholar Bart Ehrman on multiple occasions, concerning whether or not the Gospels were forged.


All too often Christians, and even Christian leaders, do not know how to deal with skeptical challenges to the Bible and the Christian faith. In today’s culture of doubt, Bible skeptic Bart Ehrman—professor at UNC-Chapel Hill and author of four New York Times bestsellers—has found a captive audience. Ehrman’s popularity is due in large part to the fact that he is talking about things most people never learned about in church.

Responding to the key arguments of secular scholars like Ehrman, Truth in a Culture of Doubt takes readers on a journey to explain topics such as the Bible’s origins, the copying of the Bible, alleged contradictions in Scripture, and the relationship between God and evil. Written for all serious students of Scripture, this book will enable readers to respond to a wide variety of arguments raised against the reliability of Scripture and the truthfulness of Christianity.

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