Darryl Nyznyk


Pages – 320
March 21, 2017
Cross Dove Publishing
ISBN-10: 0965651304
Fiction/Thrillers, Suspence



Darryl Nyznyk (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Author, The First Gospel



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Critically acclaimed author Darryl Nyznyk (Mary’s Son, The Condor Song, The Third Term) returns with a riveting new thriller, The First Gospel, that centers around one of the world’s most provocative and hotly debated objects in history: the Shroud of Turin.

Nyznyk’s new suspense novel takes his reader from the magnificent opulence of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome to the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and beaches of Southern California, as murder, politics and dark secrets pave the way for a dramatic climax involving the sacred cloth itself.

The plot: Matt Carter, a young former lawyer who waits tables and hangs out at the beach, attends his university’s homecoming game. While wandering his old campus after the game, he discovers the brutally murdered remains of his old professor, Samuel Rosen.  When Matt returns home, shocked by his favorite professor’s death, he finds a letter from Rosen posted the night of his murder.  In it Rosen begs Matt to protect a Carter family heirloom (an eleven-hundred- year old parchment) that Rosen carbon-dated twelve years earlier. Unbeknownst to Matt, the parchment holds the key to the two-thousand-year-old mystery of the Cloth of Edessa (the Shroud of Turin), a mystery Rosen was prepared to put to rest until powerful forces ended his life.  Now Matt becomes the unwitting prey of those same forces that will stop at nothing to keep his parchment’s truth hidden. Readers will become part of Matt’s frantic search for a truth that will forever change political, religious, and industrial fortunes around the world … even as Matt fights for his own survival.


  • Why choose The Shroud of Turin as the focus of this new thriller?
  • What research goes into writing about such a well-known relic?
  • Why are people, of all faiths, so fascinated by this piece of cloth?
  • What did he learned about the relic during his research – anything surprising?
  • Did his research change his mind about the Shroud?
  • Does the author think this cloth really once touched the body of Jesus Christ?


Nyznyk was a partner in a law practice for nearly twenty years when he first formally indulged his passion for writing. In early 2007, he left the business world of law and real estate development to pursue writing full time.  The author of critically acclaimed works Mary’s Son, The Condor Song and The Third Term, Nyznyk’s most recent published novel explores one of the most talked about relics in history, the Shroud of Turin. Inspired by his interest in this historical cloth and the incredible truths it might hold, he delivers, yet again, a thriller at whose center lies the truth about the greatest archeological mystery the world has ever known. Nyznyk currently resides in Southern California with his wife and constant visits from his four daughters and their growing families.

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