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Weldon Owen
October 27, 2015
256 Pages
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David Meyer (San Francisco, CA)

Cofounder and President, Adopt-a-Pet.com

Coauthor, The Total Dog Manual



Alessandra Wike | alessandra@prbythebook.com | 713-584-5320 | Twitter: @AlessandraWike


  • October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month
  • Built Adopt-a-Pet.com into the world’s largest non-profit homeless pet adoption website
  • Co-lead pet rescue efforts in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, saving over 17,000 stranded dogs, cats and other animals
  • Shelter pet adoption and rescue expert
  • Top ten ways kids benefit from growing up with dogs


Tired of your dog slobbering on your face? Trying to minimize mouthing? What supplies do you need before you bring home a new puppy? What do you do during a thunderstorm or with an elderly animal? For 15 years, Adopt-a-Pet.com has brought companions into the lives of thousands and now, for the first time ever, the editors at Adopt-a-Pet.com present The Total Dog Manual, a comprehensive guide to understanding your furry friend.

From understanding a dog’s anatomy and those deep-down doggie instincts to training methods and grooming tips, all the information you need to understand your dog is now at your fingertips. Broken up into three sections–behavior, training and care–and easily organized from puppy-hood to old age, you will learn tips on curbing bad habits, teaching basic commands, vacationing with your dog, communicating effectively and much, much more. The Total Dog Manual’s easy to follow format and step-by-step training methods makes this your foolproof guide to dog care.


  • Five reasons pet fostering is right for you (taking care of a pet without adopting, providing room in a shelter for another animal in need, can “test-drive” pet ownership)
  • Breaking the most common dog adoption myths
  • Five hazards of winter to protect your pet from (antifreeze, snow..)
  • How to read your best friend: tail wags, tail position, ear movements and more
  • Top ten ways kids benefit by growing up with dogs
  • How to teach your child to behave around animals
  • Best dog breeds for short, long distance running and biking

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