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DD Richards (Morgan Hill, CA – closest DMA is San Jose)

Author of The Dual Family Guide to Creating a Happy Family Under Two Roofs After Divorce



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  • The Dual Family: a new concept in family and parenting. DD can discuss how to create a happy family under two roofs.
  • Q1: The Divorce Season. Annual divorce filings spike in the first months of the year. Why? Families keep the peace through the holidays, get through the financial year, then get a fresh start in the new year. (In Europe, January 2 has been coined D-Day, with the “D” standing for divorce.)
  • The Divorced Family Holiday Survival Guide: How to have a successful dual family celebration—what to do/not to do to get through the holidays peacefully. (Tip: Don’t try to out-do your ex on presents.)
  • Managing your money and agreeing on finances with your ex after divorce. Now that you have a single income, how do you save money without feeling like you’re suffering, travel well and save while doing it, agree on spending limits for gifts, pay for your child’s college and save on taxes
  • Your first year as a divorcee: What do you do if you’re not celebrating the holidays with your kids? How do you make it through those “firsts” (Valentine’s Day, birthdays)?

There’s the nuclear family, the broken family, the modern family, and now author DD Richards introduces us to the “dual family.” In The Dual Family Guide to Creating a Happy Family Under Two Roofs After Divorce, DD creates a blueprint for taking a better approach to divorce. In the guide, DD shares her story of how she and her ex-husband preserved their family after divorce, learned to get along and raise their son together in an environment of love and support.

DD and her husband ended their nine-year marriage when their son was still a toddler. After the divorce, DD found herself filled with anger, fear, loneliness and resentment—emotions that made it difficult to get along with her ex and were visibly affecting their child. After an explosive argument with her ex, DD resolved to create a healthier family life for her son and a more positive life for herself. Over the course of several years, DD developed a vision for her dual family—a closely bonded family that spans two households, and celebrates birthdays, school events and some holidays together as parents to their son.

Now, 13 years after her divorce, DD shares her step-by-step guide, walking readers through the process (grieving, acceptance, creating your vision for the future) and the obstacles faced along the way (the new man or woman, money, and scheduling). She goes on to reveal the secrets of a happy dual family, with practical, common sense ideas (“don’t talk badly about your ex” and “write a contract”). In the final section, DD makes it all about you; how readers can design the life of their dreams. At the end of each chapter, there are “Steps to Success”—actionable items for readers to begin creating their own dual family.

DD says that divorce is not just an ending, but also a new beginning and exemplifies how divorced parents can have a happy family and a happy life after divorce.


DD Richards speaks to other divorcees about how they can live a great life as a Dual Family (www.dualfamily.com). Her own dual family consists of her son, Evan, and her partner, Marc, and under a separate roof, her ex-husband, his wife and her two kids from a previous marriage. DD is a VP of Sales for a major corporation. She lives in Morgan Hill, California.

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