• A lot of families move during the summer months. Moving can be particularly stressful for children – what lessons does HOME teach about settling in a new place and how parents can ease the transition for their kids?
  • The top 3 hurdles parents have with their children during the moving process – and ways to ease the stress.
  • Bailey’s inspirations for writing HOME: His childhood experiences moving cross-country and raising his own two boys – both informed his idea of the family-as-home
  • The comfort of coming back home to family, whether from camp, school, a trip, or even an overnight sleepover
  • HOME transcends place; it’s about the loved ones waiting there for your return.


Adam Leitman Bailey, has, during his career, assisted thousands of property owners in buying homes and is ranked as one of the New York’s most prominent real estate attorneys. Besides being named a ‘Super Lawyer’ and ‘Best Lawyer’, as well as being selected as one of the “nation’s leading real estate lawyers” by Chambers & Partners, Adam Leitman Bailey owns investment properties. For the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and several other national media outlets, Adam Leitman Bailey frequently contributes his real estate expertise and advice. As a real estate attorney who built the highly-ranked eponymous law firm, owner of several properties, and parent of two children, Adam Leitman Bailey was inspired – and uniquely placed – to write about homes.

A lifetime believer in giving back to the community and a fundamental leader in supporting and educating children within the community, Adam Leitman Bailey also founded a charity, Building Foundations and Dreams, which over the past two decades has helped provide college scholarships, facilitate youth mentoring, combat bullying, provide paid internships, and support research into tackling life threatening children’s illnesses. Adam Leitman Bailey was named Humanitarian of the Year by a local high school for his charitable efforts.


HOME (September 2018) follows a young boy living in a small apartment in a big city. He sets off in search for the perfect place for his family, craving a place utterly different from his own. Embarking on a global journey to explore the world of homes – from a farmhouse and an igloo to a mansion or mobile home, even a bird’s nest – along the way he meets the children and families who live in such vastly diverse abodes.

For every new home, there’s a new adventure, children to play with, and fun to be had. As he returns home to his welcoming parents, his discovery is clear: it’s not what your home is made of, how big it is, or even where it’s situated. It’s the people you share it with, your family, that makes home.

Author Adam Leitman Bailey’s inspiration for writing HOME is his own two young boys and his love of vintage children’s books. With years of experience working with families, Bailey sought to write about homes in a language and tone easily accessible for young children.

HOME is ideal for teaching children what makes a home, and how other children live. It’s an inspired story about how the power of family transcends place.

Proceeds from the book will go to Building Foundations and Dreams, Bailey’s non-profit with the mission of assisting students of all ages in pursuing their professional and personal dreams.