“Against all odds, Amy finds – and creates –
the magical out of the impossible.”
– Writer/actress Amanda Gronich, co-creator of The Laramie Project


So go on now – get lost – literally! And when you end up somewhere unexpected, look around at all of the beautiful scenery you discovered.  I #lovemydetour.  Do you?

Amy Oestreicher continues to prove that her creativity and talent have no limits. She’s an Audie Award-nominated PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, award-winning actress, and playwright. As a survivor and “thriver” of multiple traumas, Amy eagerly shares the gifts of life’s “beautiful detours” in her educational programming, writing, mixed media art, performance and inspirational speaking.

She’s an in-demand keynote speaker for top organizations – including Pacific Rim International Disability Conference, International School of Social Work Conference, and the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress – as well as a valued speaker at numerous conferences and college campuses, discussing topics relating to mental health, sexual abuse, resilience, PTSD and women’s issues.

“Gutless & Grateful”, Amy’s one-woman musical autobiography, has been presented in theatrical venues across the country, and has been featured on CBS and at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

She is a SheSource Expert, a top writer for Medium and Huff Post, and a regular lifestyle, wellness, and arts contributor for over 70 notable online and print publications. Amy’s story has appeared on NBC’s Today, and in Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, and MSNBC, among others.

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Learn about Amy’s LoveMyDetour mission here: https://amyoes.com/lovemydetour/mission/


“I shouldn’t be alive.”

Amy Oestreicher was college-bound with ambitious sights on Broadway when, the week before her senior prom, excruciating stomach pain sent her to the hospital. Moments after arriving, a blood clot caused her stomach to explode, and she nearly died in the emergency room. Waking from a coma months later, attached to machines and covered in tubes and drains, she was told she might never eat or drink again. As she regained consciousness, Amy finally came to terms with the long-stifled secret of her sexual abuse by a trusted teacher and its devastating impact on her emotional and physical health.

Doctors called Amy a “surgical disaster,” but after twenty-eight operations and seven years without a drop of liquid or morsel of food, Amy’s digestive system was miraculously reconstructed and she began healing from her visible and invisible traumas. My Beautiful Detour leads readers through Amy’s unthinkable journey while sharing her hard-won insight on the restorative power of creativity to forge a roadmap where none existed.

As a survivor—and ‘thriver’—of abuse and extensive medical trauma, Amy discovered sources of resilience she didn’t know she had but it turns out we all possess. In this book, she shares the story of her beautiful detour, empowering others to find gratitude in every setback and discover their own infinite inner strength. Amy’s journey is ultimately a celebration of ordinary and extraordinary challenges and miracles.


  • What is a “detourist”– and why is it important to take those detours?
  • The importance of detours for college students
  • How to transition from being a “survivor” to a “thriver” – your first three steps.
  • The four hardcore skills to resilience
  • Finding your own unique path to recovery: the first three things you must do
  • How to find our uniqueness: it’s not what’s happened to you, but what you choose to do with it
  • The power of art to heal: five ways to incorporate art in your healing process
  • Our innate ability to be artists, and why creativity is an essential mindset
  • Why sharing your story is imperative to healing, and how you can use creativity to reframe your narrative
  • Humor as a way through
  • Turn messes, mistakes and setbacks into beautiful artistic detours
  • How NOT to be daunted by a blank canvas, page or Square One
  • Storytelling through the arts can reframe the narrative of an individual
  • Transform passion into business: how to turn creativity into a livelihood
  • How to take your own hero’s journey through obstacles

Amy also speaks to issues of health & wellness, disability, mental health, sexual abuse, resilience, PTSD, art, writing, and women’s issues, and is available to contribute to articles/features on these topics.


“Amy’s extraordinary life and work reveal the power of art to transform. Her survival journey is more than inspiring; it is a celebration. Against all odds, Amy finds – and creates – the magical out of the impossible.” — Writer/actress Amanda Gronich, The Laramie Project

“Thank you, Amy, for this book and teaching us all that when we live in and from gratitude for EVERYTHING life hands us, ANYTHING is possible.” — David Friedman, Broadway Composer, author of The Thought Exchange

“Amy Oestreicher it truly a ‘life lover’.” As courageous and feisty as they come, this woman has lived gracefully through things that would crumble most of us. She has turned her trauma into her gift and now shares her memoir with the world, so her healing process can carry forward, reminding others that anything is possible, no matter what our challenges.” — Sheri Gaynor, LCSW, Creative Awakenings International

“Amy’s book is a gift—a fantastic reminder and an inspirational guide that shows us that painful detours happen in life, and it’s up to us to choose to find the beauty in the struggle.” — Joshua Rivedal, author, international speaker The i’Mpossible Project

What Amy shares through her embrace of her vulnerability is a treasure for all of us. Crisis truly does manifest as opportunity!”  —Mel Schwartz, Author of The Possibility Principle