Author of What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures by Barney Saltzberg (Author, Illustrator), Jamie Lee Curtis (Photographer), from Creston Books. Saltzberg is also the award-winning author and illustrator of over 50 books for children, including Beautiful Oops!, Arlo Needs Glasses, Good Egg, Cornelius P. Mud, Crazy Hair Day and the bestselling Touch and Feel Kisses series with over 800,000 copies in print.

“A real charmer, with originality and warmth.” —B.J. Novak

“What Do You See? delights as it inspires us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beautiful in the different.” —R.J. Palacio


What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures by author, illustrator Barney Saltzberg and actor, photographer Jamie Lee Curtis

How creatively do you see things?

Finding perspective can be a funny thing; it’s also a way for children and adults to connect and see what they have in common and what’s marvelously different about each of us. It’s the silly upside down ways to look at a seashell, or to imagine the beak of a bird instead.

What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures is the inside joke and connection readers will love between the beloved actor and photographer Jamie Lee Curtis, along with the award-winning and renowned author and illustrator Barney Saltzberg.

These real-life friends Barney Saltzberg and Jamie Lee Curtis share their fun, funny, and imaginative creations, encouraging readers to find their own unique perspectives lurking in puddles and noodles, fruit and flowers. Curtis took photographs of things she loved and sent them to her friend Saltzberg, and he drew pictures on those photographs of things he saw and sent them back to her. This project was born out of a school visit where Jamie complimented Barney’s creativity, lamenting her own inability to draw, he countered everyone is creative in their own way.

They joined forces to create a book that is sure to inspire kids of all ages.

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The author of more than 50 books for children, including Good Egg and the popular Touch and Feel Kisses series, Saltzberg is the recipient of a 2010 NAPPA Gold Award, a 2010 PAL (Play Advances Language) Award for promoting language development, a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and a 2011 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family. He was the first American picture book author to be sent by the U.S. State Department to China as part of its cultural exchange program. His books have won numerous awards, including write-ups in Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Starred Reviews. Melinda Gates wrote in Time Magazine: “The 3 Books Melinda Gates Thinks All Kids Should Read,” with Saltzberg’s children’s book Beautiful Oops as one of the three books children should read.

Born in Los Angeles, his mother was a reading and study skills counselor at UCLA and his father was a shoe leather salesman. His parents would often take young Barney to a local bookstore on Friday nights. Barney has always loved to read and draw. His mother, also a painter, wouldn’t let him use coloring books, so as a child, he learned to create his own characters and drew all over his lunch bag every morning before school. He studied art at Sonoma State College and children’s book writing and illustration at Otis/Parsons.

Saltzberg has been a keynote speaker at the California and Rocky Mountain Reading Associations and the Southern California School Library Association, many children’s museums and schools, and has spoken at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. He is also a musician and composer, having recorded four CDs of songs for children; and often plays the guitar and sings during his school presentations. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two dogs, and a pond full of fish.

Barney is passionate about working with children, parents, teachers, organizations on the art of making mistakes and finding play and creativity in our everyday lives.


  • Tips on developing perspective as a creative activity for children to help build connection and empathy.
  • How Jamie Lee Curtis and Barney Saltzberg co-created this work together, and the way they both used their own creativity and perspectives to make What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures
  • Barney Saltzberg is an award-winning and bestselling author, who has spent most of his life creating illustrations and text to engage and delight. His life work as an artist is rooted in a passion to help children, parents and teachers engage creatively.
  • Friendship throughout the pandemic – the ways we can stay connected to friends and family even if we are far apart.
  • Tips on writing and illustrating children’s books that are engaging and thoughtful

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  • March is National Color Therapy Month
  • March 2, Read Across America Day
  • March 4, National Son’s Day
  • March 4, National Grammar Day
  • March 14, National Children’s Craft Day
  • March 14, Write Your Own Story Day
  • March 15, World Social Work Day
  • March 20, National Storytelling Day
  • March 21, National Common Courtesy Day


“Jamie Lee Curtis’ minimalistic photos are the perfect jumping off point for Barney Saltzberg’s inner, delighted child who amazes with his vivid imagination. Children will surely want to engage with this visual dialogue and create their own zany conversations.” —Barbara Bottner, New York Times bestselling author of Miss Brooks Loves Books

“Imaginative, endearing, engaging, and sweet. A fun, beautiful story connecting art and friendship.” —Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of The Unwanteds series

“Two friends mount an ongoing creativity challenge in this collaborative picture book. When “she” takes a photograph of something ordinary that seems ripe with imaginative possibilities, “he” adds economically applied—and often comically inspired—lines and color, turning the photo’s subject into something new, shown in pages that picture the photographs and drawings but never the friends.” —Publishers Weekly