Activist and podcast host Cindy Wang Brandt is a revolutionary voice within the parenting community and progressive causes.

Cindy Wang Brandt is host of the Parenting Forward podcast and the Parenting Forward conference. She is a well-known advocate for social justice and healthy parenting through her large social media platform, podcast and published work. Brandt is the author of Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy and Kindness and her first children’s book, You Are Revolutionary, will be published by Beaming Books (October 12, 2021). 

Cindy is widely published in Huffington Post, Sojourners, SheLoves Magazine, Geez Magazine, Taipei Times, and more. She holds a Bachelors in Business from Wheaton College and Masters of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary. Brandt founded and moderates the popular Facebook group (over 20,000 followers) “Raising Children Unfundamentalist,” a space where people share experiences of religious oppression and how best to raise children with healthy spirituality – in whatever philosophy or faith of their choosing. 

Brandt was born and raised mostly in Taiwan and attended a primary school for missionary children, in order to expose her to a Western education. It was full immersion in the Evangelical culture of the 1990s and the zealous fundamentalism  continued throughout her education, which left a lasting impact on Brandt. It was shortly after her own children were born that her faith began to evolve. She had a life-altering shift, while a missionary in China with her husband and their first child. Brandt now helps others to heal from religious trauma, a process she herself went through.

Brandt is a vocal advocate for healthy spirituality social justice reforms, empathetic and empowered parenting, as well as an activist for marginalized communities. 

Cindy lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with her husband and two children. She currently serves on the board of One Day’s Wages, a grassroots organization to combat global poverty. 

ABOUT THE BOOK You Are Revolutionary

This beautiful children’s book, illustrated by Lynnor Bontigao and written by Cindy Wang Brandt,  is the inspiration from a poem Brandt wrote, and is a call to youth activism: to empower each child to know that every human, including them, has a right in the way they live their lives. You Are Revolutionary will help build an understanding of children’s emotions and their ability to become social justice activists- and how we as caretakers and parents can foster this inspiration. 

This book encourages readers to empower and honor the child’s autonomy. To remember and respect children’s own free-thinking, their ideas, beliefs, and opinions, as they are constantly figuring out how their personhood fits into this world they’ve entered. The story follows kid activists as they navigate  emotions and inspiration to lead impactful lives.  From sign creating to statistical monitoring – each child is shown they have an ability that is not restricted by their age,  emboldened by their compassion and minds. Brandt gives the reader and the child an opening to see themselves as champions – in whichever way they are capable and inspired to be. 

This story is meant to enfranchise children that their ideas not only exist, but are powerful. If we truly believe children’s ideas and opinions matter, then we share our power to make decisions, especially ones that will impact them. You are Revolutionary is the calling for engagement.  

You Are Revolutionary is more than a book, it’s part of the most meaningful work of advocating for equality for children, cultivated through the long-game of encouragement, listening to your kids’ ideas and keeping space for their opinions and ideas to help them feel secure in their autonomy. 


  • How children adapt to a post-Covid world. Many are going back to school after being virtual for 1.5 years; they need to build social skills again, be inspired, be independent, believe in themselves, appreciate others, and advocacy can help to give them a sense of being outside of the pandemic.
  • ​​5 tips for empathetic and intuitive led parenting 
  • The power of enfranchisement for youth 
  • Social change and activism
  • What values do we share with our kids now that we’ve deconstructed so many of our own 
  • Debunk the Myth of the Exceptional Kid
  • 5 tips to cultivate an environment welcoming of children and their ideas 


  • September 19-25 – National Keep Kids Creative Week
  • September 13 – Positive Thinking Day
  • October is National Book Month
  • October is Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • October 11 – Indigenous People Day
  • October 12 – Day of Respect of Cultural Identities
  • October 14 – Native American Day
  • October 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
  • October 17 – Conflict Resolution Day
  • October  – Make a Difference Day, 4th Saturday
  • November is National Family Literacy Month
  • November is Picture Book Month
  • November 15 – National Philanthropy Day
  • November 13 – Homeless Awareness
  • November 13 –  World Kindness Day
  • December is Human Rights Month
  • December 5 – National Communicate With Your Kids Day
  • December 10- Animal Rights Day


“This book is revolutionary. When children have questions about the world around them, and where adults may stumble to answer them, this book provides just the right amount of simplicity, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness needed to add or begin important conversations with our kids. I LOVE that it centers their uniqueness and their power to contribute to the vision of a better, more equitable world. This is truly an important children’s book that both kids and adults alike will be moved by.” Leslie Priscilla, Founder of Latinx Parenting

“It’s never too early to tell our kids that they can make a difference in the world, and this book is a great tool to do exactly that!” — Francesca Cavallo, Co-Author of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

You Are Revolutionary is beautifully written and is accompanied by such thoughtful and engaging illustrations. This book is such a powerful way of igniting the path to self-empowerment for our youngest leaders and change makers.” — Nora Mata, New York Times bestselling illustrator of I Promise by Lebron James

“In the lyrical style of You Are So Wonderful (Beaming Books), Cindy Wang Brandt’s You Are Revolutionary reminds children of their inherent place and that they are not too young to be revolutionaries.”  — The Reverend Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D., Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church in New York City