Don Kuhl has brought inspiration and transformation to millions by creating Interactive Journals that help people reflect on where they’ve been, where they are, and where they wish to go. Now it’s Kuhl’s turn to share his stories of growing older and the wisdom he has gained along the way. 

Before starting The Change Companies, Don gained wisdom through many failures:  He flunked out of undergraduate school and became an outstanding Master’s Degree recipient.  He struggled with alcohol abuse and helped millions of people recover from addiction.  He suffered several financial setbacks only to found many financially prosperous corporations.


We all have one thing in common. We’re getting older – and that’s a good thing. In Changing with Aging, Kuhl shares 10 big lessons he has learned through a lifetime of love, courage, and misadventures. 

From his unique perspective, Kuhl touches upon themes of gratitude, taking risks, appreciating the ordinary, and remaining open to all possibilities, giving readers a glimpse of living life to its fullest at every age.


  • The importance of creating fun memories with your family, to include all generations
  • Why it is important to store happy memories and play them often
  • Tips to stay silly; why you should never miss an opportunity to play 
  • How to have gratitude for where you are today 
  • The ways to make everyday pleasures last a lifetime 
  • Tips for hanging out to life’s most important relationships
  • Why you should journal all the things you did to share with your grandchildren later
  • How to still pursue your dreams as you get older 
  • The importance of continuing to learn throughout the years 
  • National Book Month (October)