Why does obtaining that ultimate physique, feeling good or losing those last few pounds have to be so difficult? As Dr. Willey reveals, you cannot over-exercise or under-eat your way there. You need to know the five primary tenants for health and the ultimate physique found in Obtainable: Enjoy the Body and Energy You’ve Always Wanted – Beyond Diet and Exercise.

  1.      The HPA Axis and Effects of Cortisol
  2.      Hormonal Health and Balance
  3.      Gut Health and the Microbiome
  4.      Toxins
  5.      Oxidative Stress

Dr. Willey provides real-life ways to enjoy the body and energy you are seeking by describing the problem with modern day diet and exercise recommendations. He reviews the medical work up involving the five tenants of health and what must be done to acquire that ultimate physique by finding balance in those five areas. Once this has been done, Dr. Willey provides a way for you to develop a plan for success by introducing the “RecoverMe” philosophy of diet, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. It is time for you to enjoy the energy and body you’ve always wanted—beyond diet and exercise! It really is Obtainable!


  • What people can do differently in 2019 to be healthier in body/ mind/ spirit
  • Getting organized for the new year; turning over a new leaf
  • The issue is not calories – it’s everything else you are doing (or not doing)
  • Why eating too little – or exercising too much – is stalling your health goals
  • Why it is so hard to maintain the “Adonis” or “Aphrodite” look     
  • How hormones are affecting your health goals
  • Are environmental toxins affecting your weight loss goals, too?
  • Healthy gut = health body = good quality of life!
  • Why your health care provider can’t really help you get healthy
  • The importance of sleep: how to really fall asleep and stay there, and why when you sleep is as important as how long you sleep.
  • So, you can’t change your bad habits.  Can you still be healthy?


  • January Diet Month – January 2019
  • National Time Management Month – February 2019
  • American Heart Month – February 2019
  • Bake for Family Fun Month – February 2019
  • International Boost Self Esteem Month – February 2019
  • Nutrition Month – March 2019


Dr. Willey is the Medical Director of a Functional Medicine center and primary care office in southeast Idaho. He has invested his decades-long career into questioning the health care status quo to promote holistic living solutions that allow his patients to live healthy, vibrant lives. A doctor of Osteopathic medicine, he is board-certified with The American Board of Family Medicine, The American Board of Antiaging/Regenerative Medicine and The American Board of Obesity Medicine. In addition to his Idaho practice, Dr. Willey has also developed online consulting programs at www.drwilley.com that include personalized eating and exercise plans. The author of multiple best-selling books, What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked? Your Guide To Optimum Health and Better Than Steroids! remain popular with readers. His upcoming book Obtainable: Enjoy the Body and Energy You’ve Always Wanted – Beyond Diet and Exercise is scheduled for a January 2019 release.

Whereas Western medicine is more compartmental or anatomical, Dr. Willey’s Functional Medicine approach sees the body is an intertwined, functional unit that is sensitive to outside influences.

His message resonates with every audience, due to his own background and experiences:

  • As a fun-loving husband and father of three awesome children, Dr. Willey identifies with women and men trying to live healthier, happier lives
  • As a former competitive bodybuilder, he understands the needs of fitness-focused people and athletes
  • As a veteran medical practitioner medical professionals, he can speak to the concerns of medical professionals

He focuses on body and life optimization—including diet and exercise and hormones—as they control everything else. Dr. Willey says, “I like to consider myself a ‘Commonsenseist’: optimize what crosses your lips, move as often as you can, be aware of and avoid toxins in your environment. If you are exposed, learn how to deal with them, help your body manage stress, consider the spiritual and relational aspects of your being, and enjoy life until the Good Lord says you’re done. That is what I help people do.”

Dr. Willey adds, “I want to provide you with the tools to change your lifestyle and start pursuing long-term goals and plans. Take the slow burn to physique optimization, weight loss, health obtainment, and really lead the good life. Get off the ‘eat less and exercise more’ train, and do it correctly—finally!”