Francine Falk-Allen was born in Los Angeles and has lived nearly all of her life in Northern California. A former art major with a BA in managerial accounting who ran her own business for thirty-three years, she has always craved creative outlets. This has taken the form of singing and recording with various groups, painting, and writing songs, poetry, and essays, some of which have been published. 

Falk-Allen facilitates Polio Survivors of Marin County and Just Write Marin County (a Meetup writing group), and is a volunteer member of the San Rafael City ADA Accessibility Committee. 

Her first book, Not a Poster Child: Living Well with a Disability: A Memoir has been included on several national outlets’ lists of best books of 2018, including Kirkus Reviews, BuzzFeed, and PopSugar, and received a gold medal from Living Now Book Awards for Inspiring Memoir – Female and a silver medal from Sarton Women’s Book Awards for memoir. 

She was also named one of “25 Women Making a Difference in 2019” by Conversations Magazine. She loves the outdoors, gardening, pool exercise, her sweet, peculiar old cat, spending time with her husband and good friends, strong British tea, and a little champagne now and then.


As we age, we all begin to have physical difficulties to contend with. It can be challenging for spouses, children, and friends to adapt to the changes people go through as they age—to drop expectations and meet their loved ones where they are. And, often, even though the advice is well-meaning, it is unrealistic and doesn’t help solve problems.

In No Spring Chicken, Francine Falk-Allen offers her own take on navigating the complications aging brings with equanimity (and a sense of humor). 

The book is divided into three sections: Part I is a jaunt through accessible travel pleasures and pitfalls; Part II addresses the adaptations caregivers can make for a mutually rewarding relationship with their loved ones, plus advice for physically challenged and aging persons themselves regarding exercise, diet, pain management, mobility, care tips and more; and Part III discusses the rewards of engaging with support groups sharing similar issues, with a little activism and advocacy thrown in for good measure.

Accessible and wryly funny, No Spring Chicken is an informative guide to living your best and longest life―whatever your physical challenges, and whatever your age.


  • Disability Pride Month (July): Advocate for yourself and others who are living with a disability
  • Discrimination: What this is like and how to get through it
  • Navigating a relationship with a loved one living with a disability
  • Stress Awareness Month (April): Taking care of your mental health is as important as your physical health. Tips regarding self-care, exercise, and pain management for physically challenged and aging persons
  • Healthy Aging Month (September): 10 healthy living tips for seniors
  • Tips and insights on  handicap accessibility and challenges from a global perspective: the most accessible places to travel, tips for getting around, and what to look for in accommodations
  • The most accessible National Parks in America and how to make the trip comfortable for people living with a handicap. 
  • Overcoming childhood trauma, so it doesn’t stop you from living to the fullest.


  • Stress Awareness Month- April 
  • World Health Day- April 7 
  • Mental Health Awareness Month- May 
  • Disability Pride Month- July 
  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day- July 11 
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week- Aug 25-31 
  • Healthy Aging Month- September 
  • Self Improvement Month – September 
  • Disability Awareness Month- October