Frank McKinney is a true Renaissance man: a five-time bestselling author (in 4 genres), real estate “artist” (creates multi-million dollar oceanfront homes on speculation on the sun-drenched canvas of the Atlantic), actor, ultramarathoner, speaker.

The mediagenic author has been featured in countless TV & print articles, including Oprah (twice), 20/20, and the cover of USA Today. Frank, his wife, Nilsa, and their daughter, Laura make their home in Delray Beach, Florida, where Frank wrote The Other Thief in his oceanfront treehouse office. Frank’s other books include: The TapDead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck CircleBurst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate StrategiesFrank McKinney’s Maverick Approach to Real Estate and Make it Big! 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success.

A “philanthro-capitalist,” Frank has made an enormous humanitarian impact in Haiti through his Caring House Project, where he has created 27 self-sufficient villages in 24 cities in the last 16 years, impacting the lives of 11,000+ children and their families.

ABOUT THE BOOK (a novel)

Five-time bestselling author Frank McKinney boldly enters the Christian romance genre with this seductively spiritual love story. The Other Thief will arouse readers and test their faith, leaving them wondering which side of the cross they would choose.

Francis Rose, lead singer for a meteorically popular Christian rock band, has it all—fame, fortune, family, and deep faith. With the support of his loving wife, young daughter, and Down-syndrome blessed son, he’s gone from performing for an audience of 20 at his tiny Lutheran church in Keeler, Indiana, to selling out 20,000-seat arenas. His impact is global, soulful, and seemingly unstoppable.

The seven deadly sins don’t stand a chance against a man of Francis’ character, morality, and faith. Or do they? Their alluring assault is relentless as Francis encounters each of them along his ascending path to superstardom.

The Other Thief is a controversial, heart-wrenching love story of deception, pride, and lust, along with mercy, grace, forgiveness, and above all – love, that Christians as well as non-Christians will relate to on a raw, humanistic level.


  • The Other Thief Tour: In addition to traditional stops, the tour visited homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries and churches where significant donations will be made to each.
  • For every copy of The Other Thief sold, 200 meals will be provided to hungry children in Haitian orphanages through Frank’s Caring House Project – how can one book feed one child for 2 months, and how did Frank get involved there?
  • Will The Other Thief become The Shack of Christian romance?
  • Although the sex scenes are not particularly explicit, The Other Thief will be considered highly controversial by many. Is there a place for edgy Christian romance?
  • Frank uses intense sensual scenes mixed with scripture. How far is too far? Why push the limits when the same message could be conveyed more subtly?
  • Who is The Other Thief?
  • The evocative cover:
    • Is that Frank depicted as the thief on the cross? Is any of this his story?
    • The graphic artist who designed the cover of The Other Thief also designed the artwork for “The Passion of the Christ.”
    • Christ in the foreground, the woman’s red sash wrapped around the thief, serpent at the end of the sash, flames of lust engulfing the cross, the look on the thief’s face