Gary Lee Miller’s writing is rooted in life experiences and people who have crossed his path during his life’s journey. Gary draws on his ability to translate his observations into highly relatable stories for readers. Prior to beginning his writing career, Gary was a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He also acts in movie and TV productions, and is listed in IMDb.com. He resides in Chattanooga, TN. 


Finding Grace follows a young woman, Judith Lee, who grew up with her very poor grandmother, Grace, and grandfather, Virgil, in Nashville. As a child, she was bullied and mocked in school. After attending Vanderbilt University on full scholarship, Judith moves to California, where she starts her own tech company and becomes extraordinarily successful and wealthy. 

Grace calls Judith with a dying wish…for Judith to travel from Los Angeles to Nashville to come visit her. But, there’s a catch, Judith must make the journey by bus. 

Each day of Judith’s bus journey becomes a story, as the people she encounters and places she visits along the way challenge her to rethink life. Finding Grace is about Judith’s transformation back into the real world during this journey as a result of the people she meets on the bus, how she deals with the imminent passing of her grandmother, and how all this changes her future life plans. There are tears and laughter throughout, with interesting, well-developed characters whom readers would recognize from their own lives. Today, more people are reflecting on what is and is not important. Finding Grace provides food for thought on many levels, and inspiration, recognizing each of us are on our own journey in hope of finding grace. 


  • The backstory of how Finding Grace was written as a way for the author to work through his personal grief of losing his wife to leukemia, and that he has also written the screenplay for either movie or TV
  • How does Finding Grace introduce readers to the work of St. Jude’s Hospital (where a portion of proceeds go) and how Miller used the passing of his wife to mold an important character within the story. 
  • Judith’s journey from Los Angeles to Nashville takes readers along I-40. What is the significance of that route? 
  • How does Finding Grace foster an appreciation for sub-cultures within the USA?
  • In what ways does Finding Grace remind readers about human relationships and the simple things in life?


In Finding Grace, author Gary Lee Miller draws on personal tragedy to craft the story of Judith Lee, who is drawn into a journey back home and the real world. Every mile of her wonderful road trip is filled with unforgettable characters who bring tears of both laughter and sadness.  Finding Grace reminded me of Horton Foote’s The Trip To Bountiful, and I highly recommend it.”— Brian Helgeland, Academy Award-winning screenplay writer of L.A. Confidential 

“The thing about Finding Grace is that it is without question, the thing that makes Gary Lee Miller so special. He seems to find grace everywhere and in everyone, and it somehow reflects back on everyone he meets. Finding Grace is just the latest collection in written form of how he sees the world.” — Barry Courter, Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter/columnist 

“Life lessons are delivered in many ways, and Gary Lee Miller, in Finding Grace, takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery through the eyes of his relatable, and often unpredictable, characters. An easy and insightful read, Finding Grace will leave you thinking about your own journey and the grace we can give to ourselves and others.” — Steve Anderson, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of The Bezos Letters

“A well-written, captivating story of human triumph and finding your way in a complex world of challenges and uncertainties.” — Literary Titan