As a nature lover, theatergoer, music fan, and experience collector; I am living proof that every day can be a field trip. My new mission is to get folks to stop limiting play to weekends and vacations and incorporate it into every possible moment.” – Jay Hummer

Especially NOW, when we’re nearly free of the confines of our pandemic year – Jay Hummer brings us the perfect antidote to “doom scrolling”, video meetings, and binge watching. EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP (Sparkling Day Press, Summer 2021) invites us to break out of sedentary routines and get back in touch with the restorative power of play and exploration. Written with infectious good humor and vitality, Jay Hummer’s “I’ve done it, here’s how you can too!” tribute to getting the most out of every 24 hours reminds us we don’t have to wait for a vacation to experience new wonders. EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP gleefully points out the plethora of locations and events America has to offer the serious fun-seeker and how to carve your own field trip out of the monotony of day-to-day life.

Filled with irresistible, irrepressible spirit, EVERY DAY IS A FIELD TRIP takes you on a tour to help you get unstuck from low-energy moods and workplace stress. He shows you how to pack business trips into explorations in cultural differences and perspectives, all while showing you how everyday life can be made into mini field trips from learning to savor nature all the way through turning major life setbacks into personal field trip opportunities.

With real life, close to home stories, you will feel compelled to experience so much of what the world has to offer- every day. Jay will inspire your audience to rediscover your sense of play.


I’ve spent my whole life blurring the boundaries between work and play. Being a fun seeker since childhood, I figured out how to take every opportunity to do the things I love—playing sports, eating good food, connecting with people, and seeing the world.” – Jay Hummer

Award-winning franchise executive, successful entrepreneur, former radio personality, baseball coach, world traveler, and overall fun-seeker, Jay Hummer’s new mission is to help others find joy in their life every day.


  • Post-Pandemic Recreation Revival
  • The Restorative Power of Play and Exploration
  • Family Field-Tripping this Summer
  • Mental Health Days – Take Them, Create Them!
  • Adventure On a Budget
  • Identifying a Field Trip–3 defining aspects



Great Outdoors Month
National Camping Month
Take a Road Trip Day – June 18


National Parks & Recreation Month
National Picnic Month
National Anti-Boredom Month


Happiness Happens Month
National Mountain Climbing Day – August 1
Book Lover’s Day – August 9


Self-Improvement Month
Read A Book Day – September 6
International Literacy Day – September 8
Positive Thinking Day – September 13