Make Your Own Damn Cheese is a deceptively powerful work of non-fiction, cloaked in the disguise of a charming and easy-to-read fable about a young mouse named Earl who wonders ceaselessly about the maze into which he was born. He yearns for a better life, filled with freedom and happiness, and desires more than the maze has to offer―a life where the cheese is plentiful and never out of reach. He believes he needs to get out of the maze, but how?

The reader follows Earl on a journey that introduces him to the mind-expanding teachings and philosophies of personal development gurus Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Price Pritchett, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and Denis Waitley. In the end, these great teachers show Earl – and the reader – how to experience the ultimate goals of freedom and happiness.

The general structure of this no-nonsense and immediately implementable work is written with a stylistic nod to Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese and Deepak Malhotra’s I Moved Your Cheese. With simplicity and clarity, John Chuback delivers powerful concepts that will put you on a path out of the mundane, and allow you to fulfill your true and immense potential.


  • Happiness and satisfaction are not the same thing – why should you always be happy, but never satisfied?
  • Six essential words that adults should adopt as their personal philosophy (“You become what you think about”)
  • The status quo: even when destructive, why is it so difficult to change?
  • The Terror Barrier: five ways to break through
  • Blue Sky thinking: why it’s important, and how to get what you really want
  • The Millennial Maze: how young adults are becoming trapped in the maze of their own fears


John A. Chuback, M.D., is Board Certified in General Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery. He received his MD from Rutgers University and has been in private practice in Paramus, New Jersey, for 16 years. Dr. Chuback is also a successful entrepreneur: he is the founder and Chief Medical Officer at Chuback Medical Group, founder and managing member of Elant Hill, LLC, and the nutraceutical company BiosupportMD. He is the recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award and Compassionate Doctor Recognition amongst many other honors. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at Phillip’s Academy Charter School in Newark, NJ, an exceptional school where underprivileged children receive an outstanding education. Dr. Chuback founded Chuback Education, LLC, which offers audio programs on subjects like weight management, smoking cessation, personal development, and academic achievement. He is also author of Kaboing! 50 Ideas That Will Springboard You To Academic Greatness.


“This wonderful book shows you how to unleash the power of your mind, and to achieve your goals at a higher level and faster than ever before.” – Brian Tracy, Psychology of Achievement

“In this charming fable, Dr. John Chuback coaches with simplicity and clarity, explaining how to master the mazes of life where so many people wander, drift, and underachieve. He is a gifted guide, revealing the awesome power and potential we each carry within that can deliver quantum leaps in performance.” ― Price Pritchett, PhD, business development leader and bestselling author of Youand The Quantum Leap Strategy