Drifting…it happens to EVERY believer. It is subtle and also hard to detect. What drift?

The drift away from the true, relational Gospel to a distorted, functional one.

In Drifted, author and pastor Justin Kane explains the difference between the functional and the relational Gospel, saying, “One puts the pressure and a constant spotlight on the believer, and the other points us directly to Christ. One highlights our performance and shortcomings, and the other highlights the finished work of the Savior. One keeps the burden on man and the other takes up the easy yoke and light burden of Jesus.”

Drifted will help readers see WHY they drift, WHERE they have drifted and HOW it has affected their relationship with God. The various reasons Christians drift can be very difficult to detect. Readers will discover why it happens time and again to so many believers. Not only will readers better understand the relational Gospel, but they will also leave with a greater understanding regarding the dangerous and destructive functional Gospel that has crept in and hindered the faith of far too many.

“A functional gospel is birthed by two very noble and pious pursuits which is why it is nearly impossible to detect,” explains Kane. “It sounds right and even appears true, but it’s off. And anything off a little in the beginning will be off much over time. The functional gospel is deceptive and ultimately destructive.

It places heavy emphasis on behavior modification and is measured by how one feels at any particular time while the relational gospel only measures Christ and what He did on our behalf.”

Take time to better understand the relational Gospel and recapture a deep love for God and freedom like never before.


  • Due to COVID, many churches have shut down their in-house services – but rather than seeing a negative impact, this may on a positive note lead many to discover the relational over the functional aspect of the Gospel
  • Why people drift so easy into religion and function
  • Why people have come to transact with God rather than receive from God
  • The simple difference between a functional and a relational Gospel
  • The danger of believing and trying to live under a functional Gospel
  • How to accept love from God freely in a society that rewards output/accomplishments
  • How to get back to a genuine relationship with Jesus based on what He did for us, not our own behavior.
  • We live in a “self-help society” – the relational Gospel puts the focus back on God’s love for us and not how we can earn his approval through our daily performance


JUSTIN KANE is the author of Drifted and the pastor of New Day Church in New Lenox, IL. He has a deep passion to help believers discover two things – who God is and who they are to God. Justin lives with his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters, Summer Rae and Karly Rose, and enjoys time at their vacation home in DunedIn, FL.