Karen May is a national speaker, inspirational author, and spiritual director. Her engaging style and uncomplicated approach to faith inspire audiences to dive deeper into their understanding of Scripture and engage in a more personal relationship with Jesus.

Her books Walking Through Holy Week: A Journey into the Story of Easter and Be Not Afraid: Living with Faith in the Midst of a Fearful World bring prayer, Scripture, and faith to life in simple yet profound ways.

Karen has been featured on several radio shows including the Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Morning Air (Relevant Radio) and Mary’s Touch (Relevant Radio).

Evergreen Discussion Topics:

  • God speaks – are you listening? 3 things you can do to open yourself to hearing God’s voice
  • Hidden Blessings – How to find God’s grace in any situation
  • Steps that bring the freedom of forgiveness
  • I married an atheist
  • Help! I have a preteen
  • 5 tips for keeping faith in your family


WALKING THROUGH HOLY WEEK: A Journey into the Story of Easter

As we approach the upcoming Easter season, many faithful strive to keep the season intentional and inspirational for themselves and their families. However in our busy and commercial world of fancy Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies, the sacredness of the holiday is sometimes missed, like a well-hidden Easter egg.

Spiritual director and inspirational author Karen May guides worshipers and readers on a journey through through Holy Week, making each day real and personal as we approach one of the most important days in Christian history.

Walking Through Holy Week is an in-depth guide to the stories and events that open up a deeply meaningful experience of Easter. This six-chapter book is designed for personal or group study. Each chapter contains scripture, reflection questions, and explanations of items, actions, and events from Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday, with an additional chapter devoted to the Stations of the Cross – a traditional practice of Lent. Done on a weekly basis during Lent or simply for daily study during Holy Week, Walking Through Holy Week will enhance the reader’s experience of Easter in a new and beautiful way. This book is very meaningful for any Christian looking to deepen their faith, and a powerful tool for people entering the Catholic Church at Easter.


  • Steps/Tips to prepare yourself/your family for Easter/Holy Week
  • What to look for on Good Friday
  • Understanding the Stations of the Cross and their place in 2019
  • Helping your kids understand the symbols of Easter and Holy Week

BE NOT AFRAID: Living with Faith in the Midst of a Fearful World

Don’t be afraid. How often does that phrase alone help us not to be afraid? For most of us, the answer is, “never.” We tell our children, our friends, and ourselves, but the phrase is never effective if it is not followed by some additional reassurance.

In this simple, yet profound study, Karen May takes us into the stories and characters of the Bible that help us to see our fear through the eyes of a comforting God who tells us not to be afraid. She helps us to find the reassurance and trust we need as we arrive in the uncomfortable and challenging moments of our lives. Join Karen as she explores God’s word as it relates to overcoming the fear in Delays, Obstacles, Suffering, Forgiveness, Fear, Leadership.


  • Tips for improving your prayer life
  • Learning to hear God’s voice
  • Bringing God into your life decisions
  • Finding joy and meaning in suffering