L. Austen Johnson is an award-winning writer and designer who studied English, Archaeology, and Astronomy in college. She holds a B.A from the University of Virginia and an M.A from the University of Chicago. She’s an avid reader, a sometimes songwriter, and an attempter of various art projects. Her poetry collection, Burning the Bacon, won Bronze in the 2020 Readers Favorite Awards. Her other works include the Romancing the Holidays Collection (including the #1 bestselling story, “Lucky Fall”) and the short story “True Loaf.”


Romancing the Holidays is an anthology of novellas that takes readers through four different holidays, spanning the year. From St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas, each story has characters who get their happily ever after. With four heartwarming, cozy, and funny tales, this book will help you celebrate year-long with characters you will fall in love with.

In her poetry collection, Burning the Bacon, L. Austen Johnson navigates deeply personal terrain, discussing topics such as chronic illness, love, heartbreak, memory, and growing up – all with a unique and very readable blend of accessible language and rich metaphor.

A modern fairytale, True Loaf is a fun and enchanting short story. When a strange man comes into the bakery where Riley works and puts in a strange request, she must go on a hunt to find an unusual ingredient. Along the way, she realizes that things are not always what they seem and that fae might just be real.


  • Invisible illnesses (e.g. Crohn’s, migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia) and how they affect a young adult life, including in college (when she was diagnosed); How to not let it define you.
  • Johnson is an award-winning poet who would love to discuss the importance of poetry, the study of poetics, and the rise of poetry in our contemporary society and social media
  • Her personal insight into COVID’s impact on the disabled community
  • Focus on the need for self-care and the importance of making mental health a priority
  • Writing, editing, publishing, and book covers: she’s an expert in the industry, having worked at an indie publisher with over 100 titles and having designed over 50 book covers, including her own
  • Young women’s issues, including things related to the culture zeitgeist


  • Women’s History Month – March
  • I Want You to be Happy Day – March 3
  • National Write Your Story Day – March 14
  • Act Happy Week – March 15-21
  • D.E.A.R Month (Drop Everything And Read) – April
  • Poetry Month – April
  • Stress Awareness Month – April
  • World Health Day – April 7
  • Tell a Story Day – April 27
  • National Recommitment Month – May
  • Get Caught Reading Month – May
  • Mental Health Awareness Month – May


For Romancing the Holidays

“A fun bit of escapism with four equally sweet romances.” Kirkus

“A cozy and warm read filled with highly likable and relatable characters…for lovers of romance and the magic of the holidays.” Melinda Facal, Readers’ Favorite

“I loved all of these short, sweet, and a little spicy holiday romances…All were well written with wonderful characters who all get a happily ever after. Depending on what holiday or season mood you are in, you can start there and continue with the rest. They all can be read in any order.” Vic, 5-Star Goodreads Review


For Burning the Bacon

“Burning the Bacon: Poetry is an incredible poetry book that has made me fall in love with this genre all over again.” – Aimee Ann for Redheaded Book Lover

“Burning the Bacon by L. Austen Johnson is a five-star must-have for poetry lovers and anyone ready to dip into something different.” – Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

“I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I read enough that I’ve come to expect a certain formula from contemporary poetry collections, which is why I was surprised (in the best way) by how refreshing and candid this writing style is. There’s none of the repetition and slowness that I find in a lot of poetry collections, and for it to be such a short book, it tackles so many important topics that more readers than not will be able to relate to.” – Destiny, howlinglibraries.com