What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl, meets Michelle, a professional guide, while on safari in South Africa? They turn cross-continental emails into a book, packed with amazing photos and conservation facts, encouraging a young generation to advocate for animals!

Let’s Go On Safari! chronicles the real-life experience of the two authors, and invites the reader to experience the thrill of a safari. The mission of Let’s Go On Safari! – to turn the natural love that children have for animals into advocacy!

Authors Kate Gilman Williams and Michelle Campbell are donating all royalties to organizations across the globe who work to protect animals, aid in the poaching crisis and promote youth activism, including:
-33% to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
-33% to the Jane Goodall Institute
-33% to Global Wildlife Conservation

*Kate Gilman Williams and her family will match the moneys raised with a personal donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

So when a kid buys a book – they are making a direct contribution to help save endangered animals.

Let’s Go On Safari! proves that advocacy has no age limit, and that kids can save animals on the brink of extinction.


Let’s Go On Safari! is formally endorsed by leading global conservationists:

“Installing a respect for and love of wildlife within our youth is key to ensuring the survival of earth’s most treasured species. Kate’s clever book takes children on a journey, introducing readers to Africa’s animals in such a way that one cannot help but fall in love with them and want to play a role in securing their future.”
– Angela Sheldrick, CEO, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“Kate is an impressive eight-year-old who is encouraging her generation to stop poaching, which gives me hope for the future of endangered wildlife across Africa and the world. Kate shows all of us that age is irrelevant when it comes to conservation. She possesses the commitment, compassion and will to act that inspires all of us.”
– Brian Sheth, Chair, Global Wildlife Conservation


Kate Gilman Williams wrote this book when she was 8 years old.  A trip she took to South Africa – and the friendship that developed with her safari guide, Michelle Campbell – inspired her to write Let’s Go On Safari! Upon learning about the threats facing wildlife, Kate came home determined to do something to help the animals who were being harmed by humans – and she knew her generation could help.

Kate is now 9 years old and in third grade at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. Her favorite subjects are writing and art. She also enjoys acting and playing volleyball.

Michelle Campbell was born in South Africa, raised in Asia and schooled in the UK. Working as an economist in the Middle East, it was her love for nature that drew her back home to South Africa, where she worked as a safari guide for 6 years. Driven to make a more meaningful contribution to conservation, she spent a year volunteering for wildlife projects in Southern and Eastern Africa (living in her Land Rover!), documenting and sharing her conservation involvements and adventures on her website, Wild Wonderful World. Today she is working on a project of her own, advocating for wildlife, connecting people to conservation initiatives and encouraging children through education and exposure, to save wildlife.


  • The importance of encouraging kids to become an advocate for a cause they are passionate about.
  • Advocacy knows no age limit – three ways that kids can advocate for animals, right from their own homes or in their school.
  • Adventure travel and kids: a way to open a whole new world for your children and let them experience an African safari.
  • What were Kate’s favorite parts of being on safari? What were the not-so-fun things?
  • Girl power: how Kate and Michelle’s friendship shows the power of women working together…no matter the age or distance they live apart.
  • If Kate’s generation does not act to help the animals in Africa – certain species will go extinct in their lifetime!


  • Get Caught Reading Month – May
  • National Tourism Week – May 6-12, 2019
  • Be Kind to Animals Week – May 6-12, 2019
  • Endangered Species Day – May 17, 2019
  • Great Outdoors Month – June 2019
  • National Wildlife Day – October 4th
  • Fire Prevention Day – October 9th
  • World Ozone Day – October 16th
  • World Water Monitoring Day – October 18th
  • Make A Difference Day – October 26th
  • World Wildlife Conservation Day – November 4th