Author of “100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now (iOS 12)” and other books. Experience of 20+ years in computer software/smartphone/technical training; 15 years teaching digital/computer training classes at The Women’s Institute of Houston, 13 years working as documentation manager and technical writer at Hewlett Packard. Also has put on private lessons/training of individuals and classes set up at businesses and law firms for 20+ years.


  • Education
  • Personalized learning
  • UDL (Universally Designed Learning)
  • Equitable classrooms
  • Effective parent-teacher partnerships
  • Supporting your child’s education


Liz M. Weiman is the founder of iWorkshop Academy. She has trained thousands of individuals since the early 1990s in computer/digital software, and has additionally created Web-content, e-learning modules, and instructional/technical documentation for Hewlett-Packard, Schlumberger, and other Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, she has been an instructor in Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and PC systems at The Women’s Institute of Houston for the past 15 years. A Houston, Texas native who graduated from Boston University, she freelanced as a fiction reviewer for the Houston Chronicle and other newspapers around the country before being Associate Editor of a local Houston magazine. She went on to became Senior Editor of nationally-published Southwest Art Magazine. Over the years, she has worked as a journalist, editor, instructional designer, technical writer, instructor, documentation project manager, and author.

Ms. Weiman is the author of “The Lawyer’s Guide to Concordance”, published in 2010 by the American Bar Association, “50+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now (iOS 10) (2016), and 80+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now (iOS 11) (2017).


Using iPhones and iPads, people usually just do the minimum in order to accomplish what they think they need to – and that goes for all age groups. Most folks text, check the internet, use the phone, maybe use a couple of apps, take pictures and share them. Baby boomers and seniors ask their kids and grandkids for help all too often and receive the infamous “eye roll” or irritated expressions. Gen X’ers are often too busy to take the time to learn hacks that would save them time and increase their productivity. Whatever the age group, too many do not know that their productivity can be enhanced by accessing this easy-to-use “recipe” books to save them time, money, and frustration.

In the same way Julia Child simplified French Cooking by using recipes and precise measurements, the tricks are step-by-step instructions that guide the reader as follows:

  • Introduce new features that many boomers and seniors (and their kids) are unaware of.
  • Give them a hand’s on experience and a feeling of accomplishment as they learn each trick.
  • Empower them with knowledge they can share. They even end up teaching their kids and grandkids a thing or two!


  • For Seniors/Baby Boomers: It’s empowering to teach their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids cool technical features when they are used to be the “helpless” ones!
  • Most people never really are taught how to use their iPhones/iPads because it is assumed that it is easy, and they just get by. They can go to the Apple store and take classes, or read books, but these days we all get info overload and even after a class, people get very busy, and forget a lot of things if they don’t use them. The tricks from the book are short and simple and can be used every day.
  • iWorkshop Academy was founded by veteran technology expert Liz Weiman in order to empower iPhone/iPad users to confidently operate their devices.
  • Following the Apple operating system updates, this book functions as a concierge to the reader, by curating all available info into understandable, usable material for this audience.