Organizations depend on metrics for their business. The question is, are they helping people do the right things, or encouraging them to overreact to every uptick, downturn, and change?

In other words, are you reacting to noise?

Noise is present in every metric. But it’s our reaction to noise that causes waste and stress. Too often, people don’t recognize this.

Measures of Success shows a better way to chart and manage your metrics, in any organization or setting. For your business processes and activities, you need to know what’s working, what’s not, and what to change, and why. Then, you can determine what to stop doing, what to start doing, what to keep doing.

Jump off the metrics rollercoaster by responding to signals systematically and sustainably… or perhaps – by not responding at all.

You’ll learn how with methods easy to understand, making it obvious what activities to do next. Measures of Success contains loads of vivid stories and clear examples from healthcare, software companies, and more – with compelling case studies from current events and personal lives, too.

This ain’t about gaming the system or fudging the numbers. This is about delivering real value, understood by everyone, and proven with data.

Learn a better way to manage your measures.


  • Why you should stop overreacting to every uptick or downturn in a Key Performance Indicator
  • How to utilize “Process Behavior Charts” to visualize metrics and see trends more effectively
  • The three simple rules that tell you when to react to a meaningful change in your metric
  • The top way to improve performance in a more sustainable way


Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized consultant, social media influencer, professional speaker, and author. He builds upon a deep education in engineering and management with practical experience working with executives and frontline employees in multiple industries to synthesize and practice methods including Lean management, continuous improvement, statistical methods, and people-centered leadership approaches.

Mark’s motivation is to humbly help others learn how to improve and sustain performance. In his healthcare work, this means improving the quality of care and patient safety, while also reducing cost and improving the workplace experience. Across multiple sectors, goals also include improving the customer (or patient) experience, to help the development of leaders and employees, and to build stronger, more adaptive organizations for the long term.

He has learned, practiced, and taught these methodologies in settings including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology startups. Working independently since 2010, and in partnership with other consulting groups, Mark enjoys working with organizations that are looking for better ways to improve, with leaders who are willing to lead that charge.

Mark also consults part time as a Senior Advisor for healthcare clients with the firm Value Capture. He is also a Senior Advisor to the technology and software company KaiNexus.