Masaki Oishi, MD, Ph.D. is a neurosurgeon in Houston. He received his medical degree from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience from The Rockefeller University.

Dr. Oishi has practiced medicine for decades and is currently a partner at the Kraus Back and Neck Institute. He is also the recipient of many awards and recognitions in the field of medicine and surgery.

Though Dr. Oishi is a trained neurosurgeon with decades of experience, his other passion is real estate, which is something he’s been involved in since he was 15-years old.

He has successfully invested and sold commercial properties over the last 30-years and has amassed a real estate investment portfolio of over $250 million in assets.

Additionally, Dr. Oishi is the co-founder and chairman of MarketSpace Capital, where he is responsible for directing major capital transactions and manages the investment committee.


It is a well-known fact that most physicians have a substantial earning capacity, whether they are general practitioners, orthopedics, neurosurgeons or any other role with Dr. as a prefix. However, generating a six-figure income does not always translate into the creation of substantial wealth. Nor does it give physicians the freedom to reduce their workload or focus on retirement.

In Prescribing Real Estate: A Doctor’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate, Dr. Oishi shares his adventures and struggles in real estate investing. While studying and practicing medicine, Dr. Oishi has continuously “invested strategically” and has a long and successful history of seeking out, performing due diligence, and investing in commercial real estate.

In this book, Dr. Oishi demonstrates how you can invest in real estate to generate substantial, alternative income from these investments. He shares his best tools and insights so that readers will be equipped to confidently purchase their first commercial real estate investment.

Dr. Oishi’s desire in writing this book is to help other medical professionals achieve financial freedom, economic independence, and the ability to create substantial wealth, while also maintaining a satisfactory work-life balance.


  • The real estate market is hot right now; Top 3-things investors need to know before getting started.
  • Why holding a lot of cash in a bank account is not a good way to build wealth.
  • Why income isn’t the same thing as wealth, and what you should start doing to build substantial net worth.
  • Why you should pick real estate over other kinds of investments that are subject to the vagaries, emotions and political whims of events unrelated to the asset .
  • What are the risk levels associated with real estate investing?
  • The pros and cons of commercial real estate investing.
  • 3-types of real estate markets:  primary, secondary and tertiary.
  • Tips for evaluating real estate investing opportunities.
  • The strategic and intelligent ways to properly negotiate a deal.
  • Network Building 101: The team of people you need to surround yourself with to be a successful investor.


  • National Doctor Day- March 30
  • Tax Day- April 15
  • Small Business Month- May
  • Texas Writers Month- May
  • Graduation- May/June
  • Neurosurgery Awareness Month- August