Melkart Rouhana is an unshakable pragmatic leader whose core purpose is to enable greatness everywhere. He is a distinguished inspirational speaker and consultant who enables people and organizations to make sustainable change and most importantly, finish strong. 

Melkart is a world-renowned culture and engagement expert and named by Porsche Executives “The Rock Star of Customer Service” and top Hoteliers as “the Leadership & Engagement Magician”. His transformational learning approach engages the mind, body, heart and spirit of those he serves and his “one size fits one” learning & thinking solutions enabled talent based teams and organizations such as The Ritz-Carlton, Aldara Medical Center (Henry Ford Hospital), Mandarin Oriental, Porsche, Cleveland Clinic AD, Mercedes Benz, Accor, UBS, Kempinski Hotels, etc

Melkart’s speaking engagements won prestigious innovative global awards such as the Innovative Award at the Chief Learning Officer Convention. Melkart has held previous positions such as corporate director of global learning at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and corporate head of learning and development for Emaar Hospitality Group and Armani Hotels and Resorts, to name a few. He also coaches on the Executive MBA program of London Business School and is the co-founder of the Culture and Performance Forum. He is also part of Talent Plus Global Advisors Network, which provides unprecedented access to masters of their industry who can help transform organizations. 

Melkart holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Tourism Management (Notre Dame University, Lebanon), Post Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Administration (University Cesar Ritz UCCR, Switzerland) and a Master of Science Degree in International Hospitality Management (UCCR & Manchester Metropolitan University, England). During that period, Melkart earned end-life membership in the International Hospitality Honor Society, ETA SIGMA DELTA, the most prestigious International Hospitality Honor Society for exceptional leadership research and transformational achievements.

Melkart brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in redefining cultures, strategies, and platforms. Enabling greatness through leadership effectiveness, service excellence, team bonding, executive coaching, emotional intelligence, organizational behavior, innovation, learning and development, hospitality and personal transformation.


Ever since the dawn of civilization, greatness has been the voice of our human spirit. It is not an outcome, but a way of living. We are in a constant chase after meaning and progress. We seek to find the best possible version of everything, including ourselves, yearning to unleash our potential and make an impact. 

Greatness is not exclusive to athletes or famous people who have left their footprints in our world. It concerns every one of us: you and me, people who choose to find meaning, the voice to lead a purpose-driven life, and the courage to make a meaningful contribution. Can you imagine the impact you would have and the power of your organization if you harness the power of greatness and tap into the highest reaches of potential, inspiration, and execution? 

Greatness is NOWHERE shares a roadmap that will guide you to find greatness and lead your people and organization to ultimately unleash their potential and, in the process, impact the future of our world. 


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“Audacious, insightful and thought-provoking.” – Horst Schulze, Founder, Former President & COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Founder & Former CEO of Capella Hotel Group. 

“A riveting read!” – Diana R. Oreck, NetJets Vice President, Service Representatives and Philanthropy, Former Vice President, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

“I read it in one sitting—nowhere did my attention drop off!” – Shelley Perkins, Chief Talent & Culture Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group

“Impressive and inspirational….Whether you’re a CEO or an entrepreneur, you will be energized for more effective leadership if you embrace the principles advanced in this book.”  Andre Bisasor, Founder & Chairman, Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University; Founding President, Harvard Negotiation Alumni Society; President, Institute for Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy

“Melkart’s Greatness is NOWHERE harnesses how leaders create purposeful workplaces in a stronger experiential economy. Through Melkart’s wisdom and insights, you feel his enthusiasm for people discovering greatness in themselves and others. This actionable read is for those who wish to inspire the hearts, souls and minds of their teams.” – Kimberly Rath, MBA, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Talent Plus

“Melkart’s Greatness is NOWHERE is an eminently practical guide for every individual regardless of their role in their organization.”  – Hagop Doghramadjian, Chief Experience Officer CEO, Aldara Hospital and Medical Center, a partner of Henry Ford Health System

If a non-fiction book can be described as a “page turner,” this is certainly that book.”  Jacqueline Moyse, Vice President of Organizational Development, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group