“This is a book for our times. Women are being empowered to be change agents, and have the power for exponential change…this book will leave women wanting to make a difference in small and global ways but mostly will allow them to believe they have the power to do so.– Michelle Moore


Michelle Moore is the founder of Mother’s Grace, a nonprofit organization that has raised more than $5 million for families in acute crisis, assisting more than 6,000 mothers in the state of Arizona and throughout the world. Mother’s Grace addresses the critical needs of mothers and their children in the midst of tragic life events by helping them with housing costs, medication, meals, housekeeping, childcare, transportation, and a host of other immediate needs. Through mentorship and seed grants, Mother’s Grace also assists women in starting their own nonprofits, with the goal of producing a new generation of women leaders. 

Michelle is the recipient of MASK Unity’s Moms Making a Difference Award, the highly coveted Hon-Kachina Award and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Philanthropy in Action Award. In 2019, Moore was awarded the Phoenix Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business award and was granted a State of Arizona Commendation by First Lady Angela Ducey for her extraordinary service to the people of Arizona. 

Michelle is also a prolific and sought after public speaker on the following topics:

  • Women in leadership
  • Overcoming Tragedy
  • Starting your own project/company/501c3
  • Inspiring large groups of women to follow their path
  • Turning lemons into lemonade and thriving


As women everywhere are dealing with unprecedented trials and stress in their lives, A Mother’s Grace: Healing the World One Woman at a Time shares remarkable true (and inspiring) stories from female change-makers with advice about turning adversity into action.  

Moore shares how her adversity became a global movement when she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer at the same time her son faced near fatal complications from juvenile diabetes. Grateful to be alive, she was compelled to make changes in her life and in the lives of others. Along with her own personal story, Moore shares the stories of 10 women and how their lives serendipitously came together in the most unique ways so she could continue to grow this movement and partner with these women in quite miraculous ways. Here are just 3 of the extraordinary women included in the book:

  • Kristen Sandquist, who co-founded K2 Adventures, a foundation that infuses potential where others see limitations, providing children and adults with disabilities the means to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and other seemingly unattainable feats
  • Sister Mary, a “mom” to more than 100 young impoverished girls in Calcutta, India, where she feeds, educates, and keeps them safe from slavery and deadly, third-world health issues
  • Connie Uddo, who founded St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, a Hurricane Katrina recovery hub, which provided resources, volunteer coordination, and case managers for more than 60,000 home owners devastated by this climate catastrophe 

Click here for a full list of moms featured in the book, their locations, and their passions. 


  • Michelle recently endured a terrible case of COVID-19 – how it changed her
  • We are living in a fearful time. Michelle’s advice for women who are letting their fear hold them back
  • What is grace and how can women call upon grace to inspire them and get them through difficult times?
  • How can your own “brand” of faith play a part in healing, growing through, and overcoming your struggles?
  • What to do when you start questioning your faith, and your health
  • 5 Tips to teach our children to be empathetic and giving
  • Ways to take a fresh look at the challenges in your life and your personal direction, whether they be COVID-19 related or not 
  • How to turn a small project into a global force
  • How Michelle learned to balance the dichotomy of the male-dominated business world and the woman’s heart and soul of compassion
  • Do you see a need to fill during this pandemic? 7 Steps to start your own 501(c)3