Naomi Pevsner is a fifth-generation diamond dealer whose ancestors were purveyors of diamonds to the Imperialist Czars of Russia. Naomi built a successful jewelry business from the ground up, learning to explore and inspect diamonds from the inside-out while sitting beside her grandfather starting at the age of 12. Long before the award-winning jewelry designer built a name for herself as the “Diamond Queen of QVC,” Naomi’s designs were red-carpet regulars, coveted and collected by Hollywood royalty including Cher, Jane Seymour, and Christie Brinkley. 

Naomi grew up in a loving family, building precious memories all along the way. Making her parents proud was the stimulus for almost everything Naomi did and their reactions were what she cared about most. Her parents were always her biggest fans. They were always there…until they weren’t. 


Naomi had the perfect life. A successful Dallas businesswoman whose life was upended by the deaths of her parents, which sent her into a place so dark that even the diamonds lost their shine. Naomi suffered through despair until, guided by providence, she set off on a transformative trek across the country to a renowned retreat center in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. 

Dancing Full Tilt in the Light bears witness to one woman’s journey through devastating grief and loss, to the hope and healing she finds at the end of the rainbow. Naomi’s hope is to lift others (especially women) up after loss, to find peace and healing. 

Naomi’s recounting of her childhood with her close-knit family, her conversations with her parents, and her reflective lessons in life are more entertaining and heart-warming than a Hallmark movie.  

Dancing Full Tilt in the Light: Love, Loss & Finding Home, an inspirational story, reminds readers to cherish every moment, and lean on treasured memories in times of pain, struggle, and ultimately, re-awakening.


    • August – Happiness Happens Month…Discuss the importance of making memories with your family now
    • August 30 – National Grief Awareness Day
    • August 31 – We Love Memoirs Day
    • September – 
      • Self Care Awareness Month…Naomi’s steps to pull yourself up after a devastating loss
      • Self Improvement Month…Why we’re all meant for continued self improvement and why, during this time of covid quarantining, we have to constantly protect our mental health
      • Read a New Book Month…Include Dancing Full Tilt in the Light to your fall book roundups and reading lists
    • September 21- World Gratitude Day…5 ways to find joy in the moment
    • October – 
      • National Book Month…Why reading other people’s stories can give us hope and direction
      • Health Literacy Month…Tips for recognizing depression and how to get started with your own healing. Naomi’s top 3 books to help get you started
    • October 20 – National Face Your Fears Day 
      • Advice for people dealing with grief and losing a loved one  
      • Naomi’s tips for women entering a male-dominated profession
    • Holiday season… There are plenty of issues around celebrating after the loss of a parent and how to navigate the upcoming holidays while grieving