RESHMA SHAH, MD, MPH is an affiliate clinical instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine and has been a practicing pediatrician for nearly 20 years. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University and her medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine. She lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children. Most Sundays, you can find her at the California Avenue Farmers Market in Palo Alto where she finds inspiration for weekly family meals.

BRENDA DAVIS, RD is a registered dietitian and widely regarded as a rock star of plant-based nutrition. VegNews called her “The Godmother of vegan dietitians.” She has been a featured speaker at medical and nutrition conferences in over 20 countries on 5 continents and is the author of 11 books on vegetarian and vegan nutrition. In 2007, she was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. She lives in Calgary with her husband, Paul. She has two grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.


The time is ripe for a nutrition guide filled with expert advice for families that are plant-based or simply plant-curious.


Popular documentaries like The Game Changers and Forks Over Knives have caused many adults to be curious about the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

Nourish is an evidence-based, practical resource that explores the many benefits of a plant-based diet and provides parents with the tools they need to provide excellent and balanced nutrition to their families. 

A proper, nutritious diet leads to healthier children. While nearly all parents agree, most feel that their children are not eating a healthy diet. This is not surprising, given the difficulties of navigating the nutritional landmines fueled by busy schedules, and confusing research about what diet is really best for health. Further, do the same rules for adults apply to growing minds and bodies?

In Nourish, parents will learn:

  • How a diet centered around plants can optimize health, prevent chronic disease, care for our planet, and be an act of radical compassion.
  • Nutrition specifics for all the stages of childhood—from pregnancy and breastfeeding all the way through adolescence.
  • Tips, strategies, and mouthwatering recipes to bring all of this information to the dinner table as families explore the wonderful world of plant-based eating. Best of all, the authors don’t insist that families have to commit to 100% plant-based eating if they are intimidated. Simply changing up your family’s menu a week at a time can really make a difference.


  • Safety of plant-based diets for children and common misconceptions about plant-based diets
  • Ways plant-based eating benefits more than just our bodies
  • Stuck in a Food Rut? Expert advice on how to transform weekday staples into plant-based favorites the whole family can enjoy. 
  • 3 Plant-Powered Fall Soups and Stews: Recipes for Curried Red Lentil Soup, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
  • When your teen wants to go veg: 5 tips to make sure s/he gets enough nutrients (with recipes) 
  • Better than takeout–Veggie meals you can make quickly 


“In the end, what sets Nourish apart is not that it is expert; it is.  Not that it is insightful; it is.  Not that it is wise, comprehensive, or evidence-based; it is all that. What sets Nourish apart is that it is all about food for love.  Embrace this book, and it all but literally embraces you back.  Is it a book, or a hug?  Maybe both. Lean in, and let this beautiful book nourish your understanding, your motivation, your will-power and skill-power alike.  Lean in- and taste the love. What could be more nourishing than that?”
– David L. Katz, MD, MPH President of True Health Initiative and Founding Director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

“Nourish, the definitive plant-based nutrition guide for families is the book plant-based and plant-curious families have been waiting for. It is meticulously researched, clear and insightful.  If you have questions about raising plant-based children, this is the book you can trust for the answers.” 
– Michael Greger, MD, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of

If you want to know what kind of food is healthiest for you and your kids, this is your book.  In Nourish, you will finally get all the answers to every question you’ve ever had regarding any member of your family, and every bit of it is incredibly well-researched and backed up by peer-reviewed science.  Get ready, because you’re about to feel really empowered to lift your family to a whole new level of wellness – and it will be delicious!”
– Kathy Freston, New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Wellness, The Lean, and Clean Protein 

“As a father of four, there are few things as important as the well-being of our family. The food we eat has a profound effect on overall health, yet more than ever, people are confused and in search of guidance. Nourish is the roadmap to optimum wellness you and your family have been looking for. Expert advice backed by science is coupled with tips and easy to follow recipes, Nourish is the guide to get you there. Brenda and Reshma are as brilliant as they are passionate and make it incredibly easy for you and your family to live your best life.”
– Marco Borges, Exercise Physiologist & NY Times Best Selling Author 

Nourish is the perfect guide for the very best of nutrition. It starts with the why—giving you a solid understanding of why food matters—and then provides the how—showing you easy ways to turn your knowledge into meals that can revolutionize your health and your family’s health, too. The authors are world-class leaders in nutrition sciences, and they are also experts in making meal-planning approachable, fun, and delicious.”
– Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC Adjunct Professor, George Washington University School of Medicine President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Nourish is simply the book for any family wanting to raise healthy children. At a time when companies marketing junk foods are spending billions to get our children hooked for life, and confusion reigns about the pros and cons of various diets, you have cause for gratitude. This wonderful book will fortify you and your whole family against the predatory practices of industrial food companies, and it is also jam packed with useful and practical guidance that is 100 percent supported by science. Get it, read it, and heed it… and it will guide you and your family on a delicious, convenient, and exquisitely health-promoting food journey. If you want your children to thank you for the rest of their lives, get this book.”
John Robbins, bestselling author and president of 650,000+ member Food Revolution Network

Nourish takes the mystery out of eating for optimal wellness—not only for yourself but for those you love and nurture. Plan on keeping this book nearby as a trusted resource and constant companion. No one makes healthful, compassionate eating as clear and concise as Brenda and Reshma.” 
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, author of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge and The Joyful Vegan 

“Just when you think a comprehensive guide to adopting plant-based eating could not be made fun and family friendly, along comes Nourish by seasoned pediatrician Dr. Reshma Shah and renowned registered dietitian Brenda Davis. This book tenderly introduces us to arguably the most important concepts in health, ecology, and ethics today with a tone that is clear, enlightening, and empowering. The authors—who are both parents and working professionals—courageously explore the aspects of making plant-based diets work in the real world, from shopping on tight food budgets with unforgiving time crunches, to feeding picky eaters and growing toddlers. Nourish provides a sane, reassuring, and practical path to evolving your food choices to those that will deliciously transform your life, the lives of those you love,  and all of our futures. It will be my go-to book that I suggest for my patients who need to make the plant-based transition. Savor the life-affirming journey that Nourish offers—you are in good hands.”
Michael Klaper, MD, program director of Moving Medicine Forward Initiative 

“Nourish is the definitive resource we’ve been waiting for. Brenda and Reshma couple research and experience with a practical, welcoming approach so that nutritious plant-based meals can be on every family’s table. From nutritional specifics to practical concerns, Nourish delivers with expert support and guidance.” 
Dreena Burton, author of Plant-Powered Families

“Reassuring and packed with essential information, this is the book all parents need to ease their family’s transition to a plant-based diet. Writing with warmth and enthusiasm, Reshma and Brenda provide the tools and the knowledge that will allow anyone to confidently choose a more compassionate and healthy way of eating.”
Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, author of Vegan for Life

“Nourish, by Reshmah Shah, MD, MPH, and Brenda Davis, RD, is an outstanding guide for families adopting plant-based diets and for health professionals who want accurate, up-to-date, and reader-friendly nutrition information. This book is exceptionally well written and provides carefully researched scientific material plus a wealth of practical tips. Nourish guides readers expertly through the potential challenges of pregnancy, lactation, childhood, and adolescence. It includes helpful information on meal planning along with recipes that the whole family will enjoy.”
Vesanto Melina, MS, RD, lead author of the current position paper on vegetarian diets of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

“What we eat in our childhood has far-reaching and powerful effects on our health throughout our entire life. Nourish is a well-researched and authoritative work that gives parents the most accurate information to assure their child’s well-being. But more than that, this book can help anyone at any age understand and apply the foundational principles of nutritional excellence to prevent health problems, support our emotional well-being, and even protect our planet.”
Joel Fuhrman, MD, New York Times bestselling author and president of Nutritional Research Foundation

“Evidence continuously supports the myriad advantages that a plant palate proffers. Dr. Reshma Shah and Brenda Davis have gifted the world with this comprehensive, conscientious, and caring guide to help families navigate a plant-based diet safely, healthfully, and effectively. Nourish is an informationally dense tome that belongs in every family’s library.”
Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, author of The Healthspan Solution and Plant-Based Nutrition (Idiots Guides)

“In Nourish, parents will finally find what they have been looking for—the complete guide to a plant-based lifestyle for the whole family from experts they can trust. Beautifully written and relatable, this book is the perfect nutrition guide for kids. Parents, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”
Dr. Gemma Newman

Nourish will give you and your family the info, answers, recipes, and umph to maximize your plant-based lifestyle with 100 percent confidence. With Brenda and Reshma at the helm, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned as you and your loved ones set sail to the plant-strong promised land!”
Rip Esselstyn, founder of Plant-Strong by Engine 2

“This year, if you had only one book to help you and your family reach optimal health, it would be Nourish. Based on science and written to be easily applied to your life, we assure you this book will be a life-changing gift.” 
Ayesha Sherzai MD, and Dean Sherzai, MD, co-directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center and authors of The Alzheimer’s Solution

“Nourish is the go-to for essential nutrition information paired with realistic recommendations for eating plant-based during busy, everyday life. Each of my family members (from toddler to grandparents) picked out and prepared recipes from this book—all were delicious! Nourish overflows with trustworthy, evidence-based guidance from Dr. Reshma Shah (pediatrician) and dietitian, Brenda Davis. If I could recommend just one book this year to those interested in eating to thrive, this would be it.”
Michelle Hauser, MD, MS, MPA, FACLM, Chef Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, Author of the Culinary Medicine Curriculum