The Missing Money is the first picture book in a new series aimed at inspiring young children to learn basic financial terms in a fun and age-appropriate way. The book follows Kai, a young boy on his way to the bank to deposit his newly earned money. While at the bank, a big scary ATM machine eats all of his money! Kai struggles to understand where his money went and creates an elaborate plan to get it back.

Just before attempting to break his money out, his parents sit him down to explain this confusing turn of events and help put his mind at ease. He discovers the basics of modern saving, such as how money goes from dollar bills to numbers on a banking app. Finances can be a difficult task to navigate, even as an adult, so these books are meant to aid young children through the puzzling world of money.

The series, all first three of which are set to publish within the year, emphasizes the idea that you are never too young to tackle your money fears head on!


  • Money does matter: 5 things your child needs to know before kindergarten  
  • Money 101: What you need to teach your children about money before they form bad habits
  • Why young adults are fiscally irresponsible and how they got there (Changing fiscal irresponsibility through early education)
  • College (Fun)ds: Plan for The Future Now With Allowances
  • Money Talks: Give the Gift of Gab with Finance Terms for All Ages
  • Top 5 key terms necessary for understanding money
  • How to raise money confident kids even if you aren’t a money confident adult
  • Stop saying these money lies in front of your kids


  • National Parenting Gifted Children Week – 3rd week in July
  • Summertime Reading – a way to learn and have fun this summer; from lemonade stands (the example of overhead), to doing chores, to helping to budget for a family vacation or budgeting for souvenir money
  • Back to School season – Aug/Sept
  • Halloween – be a Money Monster!
  • Holiday gift giving – a time to teach kids about how to think about spending money on others; the example parents are setting with spending money during the holidays


Okeoma Moronu Schreiner is an attorney, wife, mother, and host of the nationally recognized, Happy Lawyer Project podcast. Now as an author, her goal is to guide parents in helping their children navigate the seemingly stressful wide world of money. The inspiration for her new children’s series, Money Monsters, stems from her own experience as a struggling young lawyer who had seen first-hand the difficult situations created by financial problems. Schreiner is an advocate for early education of finances and wants parents to instill comfort and confidence in their children regarding money issues.


“I read this book with my 4-year-old daughter and we both loved it.  It gave me the perfect platform to discuss important things that we (sadly) had not yet talked about, specifically saving, banks, money, and another way to save beyond her piggy bank…  By discussing these topics with my daughter, I realized that she would love to go to the bank with me and is interested in opening an account.  Thanks for writing this book and for the series on such an important issue and giving me a platform to start the discussion now (instead of later)!” ~ Tina L. Izadi, lawyer, business owner, avid reader, and mom

“From the eye-popping colors, to the incredible illustrations, your imagination is ignited the minute you open the book. This story is beautifully written and does an incredible job opening up topics of money management in an easy to understand method for children. As a parent, I really appreciated the conversation starters included, because it’s never too soon to begin preparing your children to be responsible in all aspects of life. This book just went to the top of my list for ‘must have children’s items.” ~ Kinsey Dulaney, content creator, mom and speech-language pathologist