This is the only book about teenage depression written by a teenager!

When Ruby Walker was 15 going on 16, she went from a numb, silent, miserable high school dropout to a joyous loudmouth in one year flat. Advice I Ignored answers the question everyone’s been asking her since: What happened?

Full of stories, honest advice, and fierce hope, Advice I Ignored is a self-help book for people who hate help. And themselves.

An important resource for teens suffering from depression (which has reached epidemic proportions), parents who have one, and educators who want to help. Applicable for adults suffering too!


  • 4 tips on how to gain a sense of free will and finally start taking showers again
  • Self-talk: 3 ways to stop bullying yourself and learn how to start talking to yourself like you talk to your friends
  • 7 steps to stop the hate and treat yourself right
  • Opening up about sexual abuse/trauma
  • Advice for parents whose teens are suffering from depression
  • For parents and educators – signs to look for that a teen needs help, and what to do
  • Advice on how to start exercising to fix your brain chemistry
  • The importance of planning: making lots of small goals = accomplishing a big goal
  • 4 lies your trauma is telling you and why you must not believe them
  • 4 ways to find some quiet, make friends with boredom, and give yourself a break


Ruby Walker is an 18-year-old college student, artist and writer. Ruby grew up in Austin, moved down to Buda (TX), dropped out of high school, earned herself a full tuition scholarship to a private university, and is currently studying art at Trinity University in San Antonio. Advice I Ignored: Stories and Wisdom from a Formerly Depressed Teen is the only book on teenage mental health actually written by a teenager.


“If you are a teen struggling with depression and anxiety, an adult working with teens, or an adult who is yet to shake off those traumatic teenage situations, Advice I Ignored is for you.” – Jo-Ann Duff, duffythewriterblog.com