Russell is an American thought leader with expansive executive leadership experience across corporate and nonprofit sectors. His work includes helping people identify opportunities and challenges and then develop strategies and tactics to exploit the full benefits of those opportunities to mitigate disruption created by the challenges. He has worked with and trained thousands of business, political, community, and nonprofit leaders. Russell serves as Senior Vice President for the Center for Houston’s Future. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. 

A frequent contributor to print and digital publications, Russell is the author of Leadership: The View from Here and wrote two books during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first book, Beyond Words: An Intersection of Philosophy, Inspiration, and Poetry, captured the emotions of the pandemic. The second book, Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic (March 2022), builds on the first volume and offers lessons that can help stabilize the disequilibrium caused by the pandemic. 


An incredibly timely book to be published in March, commemorating the second anniversary of the pandemic, Hindsight: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic provides practical lessons gleaned during the first two years of this monumental global crisis. 

Although the world still battles the disease, the book’s lessons transcend the pandemic. Applying them can shatter conventional thinking, break the limits of “normal,” and create a new narrative for how we can live in harmony as citizens of a global community–a narrative that leads to a better future. One where collaboratively overcoming our challenges provides the opportunity for us to live up to the promise of humanity, to create and aspire to an ideal greater than ourselves. An ideal that deepens our solidarity, elevates our sense of community, and creates a worthy legacy to bequeath to  future generations. Whether or not that promise is realized, is in our hands.

Indeed, 2020 and 2021 have revealed that humanity is at an inflection point and there are many important questions we must answer: How will we all be remembered? What does the moment demand of us? What are we called to do? 

The current state of affairs creates an enormous opportunity for all of us to act, to do the necessary work, and to set aside differences that so easily beset our collective progress.


  • The years 2020 and 2021 were two of the most tumultuous in modern history. They challenged the fortitude of humanity, stretched the fabric of society, and stress -tested governments and institutions worldwide. What did we learn from these turbulent years? 
  • The book commemorates year-2 of the pandemic. It provides lessons gleaned during the pandemic that can strengthen our social, cultural, and economic well-being. 
  • The vitality of the future is linked to our ability to learn from the last two years of the pandemic and use the lessons as a springboard to build a better future. 
  • These lessons transcend the pandemic–they are useful now and will be long after the pandemic is over. Applying them can create a new standard for how we can live in harmony as citizens of a global community.
  • Returning to the past is not an option and the idea of “normal” is fleeting. Consider how quickly it vanished during the last two years. We have an opportunity to create a future that is better than the past and present day. Our business-as-usual memory of the past has been replaced with a business unusual model and building that model is a work in progress.   
  • The future can be as remarkable and dynamic as we imagine it, but will require personal leadership, unity, and collaboration to achieve. It is best to navigate uncharted terrain using a roadmap and this book can be that roadmap.