42 million Americans out of work.

Fears of a looming major depression.

These issues may seem insurmountable, but African American author and financial planner Ryan Mack, also known as the “Financial Evangelist,” says that the principals of the Word, the will of God, can protect us all in the midst of a recession.

In his new devotional guidebook, Provisions for Abundance, Mack empowers each one of us to be part of the solution by offering advice on managing God’s resources responsibly, setting realistic financial goals, fulfilling our unique purpose, and giving back to our communities.

“A huge part of faith is the work you must do and that means preparing for times of lack by planning,” explains Mack. “Joseph talked about planning for times of recession in Genesis 41. Joseph predicted there would be seven good years followed by seven years of famine/recession (Genesis 41:25-32), and Joseph put together a plan to help save during the good times to prepare for a recession.”

Mack, who graduated from the #1 rated University of Michigan Business School and worked for the largest NASDAQ trading firm in the nation, is currently working with Governor Cuomo’s faith-based leader Karim Camara, to bring about economic change in communities.

Provisions for Abundance is a 365-day book loaded with empowering information for readers to achieve fiscal abundance within a year’s time. Each entry contains a tip for the reader to put into action, along with a Christian-based takeaway on which to reflect.

Through a daily scripture and a daily action item, Mack helps readers make a personalized plan to take control of their financial destinies and gives advice on:

  • Financial planning through the lens of scriptures
  • Creating a budget in a volatile economy
  • Learning how to trust God with your financial success
  • Reflecting on your fiscal situation with a reinforced confidence in God


  • With record unemployment numbers due to COVID, getting your financials in order is of the utmost importance
  • Make a personalized plan to take control of your financial destiny
  • How COVID has changed the way we should be saving money
  • Financial advice to those who have been laid off or furloughed due to COVID
  • Overcome the biggest obstacles to financial success including depression, procrastination, overspending, addictions, and lack of goal setting
  • Help build an army to fight against poverty
  • How to set realistic goals in a volatile environment
  • How to live with gratitude and purpose


  • Happiness Happens Month (August)
  • Young adults leaving to go to college (August)
  • Self-Improvement Month (September)
  • Read a New Book Month (September)
  • World Gratitude Day (September 21)
  • National Book Month (October)
  • National Work and Family Month (October)
  • Evaluate Your Life Day (October 19)
  • National Face Your Fears Day (October 20)
  • Smart spending habits (Holidays – November/December) 


RYAN MACK, aka the “Financial Evangelist,” graduated from the University of Michigan Business School with a concentration in Finance. His career in equity markets began in Detroit, Michigan as a stock trader and later as a trader for the largest NASDAQ trading firm in the nation, Knight Securities.

He has a life mission to build and develop a durable financial empire geared towards educating his community and beyond. As a renowned public speaker, he has provided keynote presentations to organizations across the country, including Harvard University, Columbia University, NAACP, National Urban League, NASA, National Black MBA Association, the National Basketball Association, Microsoft Corporation, HSBC, KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, Six Flags, and Deutsche Bank. 

Ryan taught economic empowerment principles to those in need in South Africa and has partnered with the local District Attorney’s office to teach financial literacy to previously incarcerated community residents with the aim of lowering recidivism rates. He can be regularly viewed on television networks such as GMTV, CNBC, CNN, Thomson Reuters, and BET discussing economic and social issues that impact American citizens.

Ryan has also been featured in Black Enterprise, African American Family, and The Source & NV Magazine. He contributes regularly to HuffingtonPost.com, The Network Journal, Fortune, Ebony, Essence, and Black Enterprise, and received the Top 40 Under 40 Achievement Award from The Network Journal. He received Tom Joyner’s “Hardest Working Financial Advisor Award” because of his efforts to empower the community with financial literacy.

Whether he is counseling a group of doctors at a convention or at Rikers Island providing a free course, Ryan’s comprehensive, exciting approach to teaching economic empowerment to all income levels has generated a level of much needed interest in a volatile economy.


“A fantastic blend of faith and finance, Ryan Mack proves that money doesn’t have to be the root of all your evil. His wealth of wisdom shines through, with remarkable lessons for all, on the journey that is life.”
– Doug Flynn, CFP® Professional, and Co-Founder at Flynn Zito Capital Management

“I’ve known Ryan for over a decade and his God-given mission to empower people through teaching has always been tireless and unrelenting. This book reflects his efforts and provides much needed inspiration to all who seek to be empowered economically and to grow spiritually. I urge you to read it and believe strongly that it will help change your life.”
– Karim Camara, Founding and Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Church in Brooklyn