Ohiseme “Seme” Eroh is an author, life coach, and an IT security professional in the healthcare industry. She emigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria at the age of 17to pursue an education. Seme graduated from Georgia Southwestern University and holds an MBA in project management.

When the Fogs Lifts was written from a deep place of personal honesty and vulnerability. She feels called to help women who have been victims of mental and emotional manipulation feel safe, heard, and understood by creating conversations and dialogue around these issues. She resides in Atlanta with her three children whom she prays will live abundant and purpose-filled lives.


In When the Fog Lifts: Gaining Clarity After Chaos and Confusion, Seme reflects on her journey from a life filled with chaos and confusion to a life of freedom and endless possibilities. This is the fascinating personal story of Seme who never shies away from the hard truths.

In this unique collection of essays, Seme speaks of her experience in a toxic marriage. Caught between an emotionally abusive husband and childhood memories of a very different situation with her parents, Seme gives a brutally frank account of her experiences.

She encourages other women to never be in a hurry to marry, to beware of warning signs, and to end the relationship when necessary.

Seme’s story will inspire readers to take the reigns of their own life as they make the changes necessary to find real and lasting freedom.


  • Encouraging women to stop living in brokenness and decide to choose another path
  • The importance of passing on life lessons learned to the next generation to help them avoid making the same mistakes
  • Making our own mental health a priority
  • The hidden gifts of trauma and how to overcome trauma to find those gifts
  • The signs of a toxic relationship and how to get out


  • Women’s History Month – March (emphasize the strength of women)
  • I Want You to be Happy Day – March 3
  • National Write Your Story Day – March 14
  • Act Happy Week – March 18-24
  • Stress Awareness Month – April
  • Counseling Awareness Month – April
  • Mental Health Awareness Month – May
  • Suicide Awareness Month- September
  • Self-Care/ Self-Improvement Awareness Month – September
  • Domestic Violence Month – October


When the Fog Lifts is a powerful and insightful journey of a precious, beautiful soul who has been shaken up, but who is also ready to move into a bright future. Seme’s raw and honest style of writing really draws you in and takes you on her journey with her.” — CHARISSA NEWELL, co-founder and art director, twolineSTUDIO

“Seme’s gift of connection draws you in and makes you feel as if you were walking hand in hand with her as she navigates through this journey called life. As she’s figuring out who she is, she somehow manages to encourage the reader to find out who they are. I am almost certain that When the Fog Lifts was her way to begin self-healing, but what she has also managed to do is help other women like me do the exact same. This is a must-read!” — AASIYA MUSLIM, CEO, Portpholiio