SHERRA AGUIRRE is an articulate health enthusiast, environmentalist and food security activist. She founded and led a successful business for three decades, winning national awards for entrepreneurship, innovation, and service excellence. She sold the company in 2016 to focus on sharing her passion for healthy diet and lifestyle.  

Aguirre describes herself as high energy, in better overall health, and in many ways more fit than in her thirties or forties. She has practiced meditation and yoga daily for more than twenty-five years, and for many years has researched and read extensively about diet and lifestyle as the most important factors for achieving and maintaining good health. By adopting a whole plant-based diet, she improved her overall heart health and eliminated her hypertension despite a significant family history of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. She is passionate about empowering others to maintain vibrancy and good health throughout their lifetimes.  

One of Aguirre’s main goals with her new book is to make the change to a healthier diet and lifestyle more accessible, particularly to African Americans and other communities who are at high risk for diabetes and heart disease. 

Aguirre writes about the healing qualities of compassion, simplicity, and gratitude, and the ripple effect vegan eating can have on individuals, families, and communities. She is married with two daughters—Tembi Locke– actor, speaker, screenwriter, and New New York Times best-selling author; and Attica Locke– multiple award-winning novelist, New York Times best-selling author and screen writer/producer.

About the Book

Joyful, Delicious, Vegan: Life Without Heart Disease will empower readers with the simplest, most effective way to prevent or even reverse the nation’s number one killer, heart disease, despite family history. Enjoying good health naturally at any age starts in the kitchen by changing what and how we eat. Although this book is important for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy, disease-free life, it targets women, especially African American women.  Women typically have the greatest influence over what goes on our tables, and the healthcare choices of those close to us, which puts them on the front lines of the fight against heart disease and other diet-related illnesses. By nurturing our bodies with delicious whole foods and mindful health practices, we set in motion a chain of positive events – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – that are healing and transformational. 

Joyful, Delicious, Vegan is packed with nutritional medicine, research and personal stories which demonstrate the effectiveness of a plant-based diet in restoring health. Readers will be guided through simple steps to increase vitality and reduce dependence on medications by learning to prepare and enjoy flavorful plant-strong, anti-inflammatory foods, based on the recommendations of two world-renowned cardiologists, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish, who have demonstrated positive patient results for many years. Sherra shares her personal story of reversing her own hypertension and heart disease with tips and over 25 delicious recipes to ensure no one has to choose between great food and great health. 

Talking Points

  • 5 simple everyday changes we can make to help us live with more compassion
  • 6 ways we can take care of what we have been given, our bodies and our natural  environment 
  • Favorite seasonal, whole plant foods and how to support local, ethical food producers 
  • 4 simple steps to successfully develop the habit of mindful eating 
  • how to customize a food plan based on your particular needs

Timely Tie-Ins

  • National Vegetarian Month – October
  • Health Literacy Month – October
  • World Vegan Month – November
  • Good Nutrition Month – November
  • National Diabetes Month – November
  • Diabetic Eye Disease Month – November

Advance Praise

Joyful, Delicious, Vegan: Life Without Heart Disease shows you how to use whole plant foods and mindful living to bring health and joy to every stage of your life.” –Brian Wendel, Founder and President of Forks Over Knives

“A great health resource for everyone concerned with our deteriorating health in a world of scientific advances that should be improving it, this book is a journey back to health by going back to basics–by recognizing, appreciating, and returning the love of our body’s highly evolved 60-trillion cells, working hard 24/7 to keep us healthy. It shows us our own ability to heal disease by paying absolute attention to what we are feeding them, by changing our diets in ways that ensure their wellbeing.” –Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD, evolution biologist & futurist, author of Gaia’s Dance: the Story of Earth & Us

“Sherra Aguirre has written a thoughtful, well-researched book combining nutrition science, medicine and her personal inner awareness, which will serve our community well in this era of rapid transformation. May her words resonate with you in your journey towards optimum health and global wellbeing.” –Sailesh Rao, PhD, systems specialist and founder of Climate Healers non-profit, author of Carbon Yoga: The Vegan Metamorphosis and executive producer of Cowspiracy, The Sustainability Secret, and What the Health

“Heart disease is the number one killer of all United States citizens, and Black women are its primary victims. In Joyful, Delicious, Vegan, Sherra Aguirre outlines a powerful, effective battle plan to defeat heart disease. This must-read book serves as both an inspiring health journey and a stepwise health guide for anyone battling heart disease or any other chronic illness. This book will enhance the health and life of anyone who reads it and follows its path!”–Baxter Montgomery, MD, FACC, clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center and medical director of Montgomery Heart and Wellness

Joyful, Delicious, Vegan is an inspiring guide to achieving the very best of health. The power of foods is surprising–even life-changing–and this immensely practical book will guide you to putting it to use.” –Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC, adjunct professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Joyful, Delicious, Vegan: Life Without Heart Disease is a rare gift–and I love it. Sherra Aguirre has given us practical instructions on how to save our lives. She has taken a look at what is catastrophic in the overall landscape of food, and has created a sustainable plan for each of us to follow to health. The heart and the spirit can be mended if we follow her advice.–Carol Jenkins, Co-President and CEO of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality; Emmy-award winning journalist, media analyst, commentator; founder of the Women’s Media Center, NYC