The perfect blend of Cheryl Strayed’s WILD and Overnight Sensation by Sarina Brown 

Award-winning author Stacy Gold gave up her day job as Communications Director of a nonprofit mountain biking organization to write steamy romance novels filled with independent, adventurous women —and the men who can’t resist them. After making a living writing all kinds of non-fiction for more than 15 years, it’s the most fun she’s ever had with a keyboard and screen.

Gold has released three ski romance novellas and a boxed set with Wild Rose Press. When she’s not busy reading or writing, you can find her dancing, laughing or playing hard in the mountains with her wonderful hubby and happy dogs.


They hit the trail solo in search of themselves, and along the way find each other…

Overworked entrepreneur Jules Martinez is sick and tired of men leaving her for their exes. Determined to wipe the giant, scarlet R for rebound off her forehead, she kicks off a yearlong vow of celibacy with five, blissful weeks backpacking her favorite stretches of the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) through Washington State. Solo.

Out-of-work financial analyst Evan Davenport hasn’t been happy since he was camping in Boy Scouts as a kid —before his wealthy parents and now ex-fiancé made all his major life decisions. Hoping to find joy and purpose, he buys all the latest ultralight backpacking gear, leaves a note, flies to Washington, and sets off alone on his first week-long speed hike through the wilderness.

Except Mother Nature has other plans and keeps shoving Evan and Jules in each other’s paths. Usually naked. When sparks fly, can they find what they’re looking for in life together instead of apart? 


  • Stacy’s books focus on true-to-life characters and struggles, and how people figure out what they really want in life and what they need to do and change to get there. Are readers looking for more realistic characters and plots in what they are reading today?
  • How Stacy mixes in outdoor sports within her romance stories to raise the stakes a notch, based on her background and expertise in this area.
  • Stacy’s novels have recurring themes of second chances. What other messages will readers walk away with?
  • Why Stacy creates badass outdoorsy athletic women as her main characters and not damsels in distress. With a fine line between a feminist slant and creating a strong female character who doesn’t need a man in her life, the importance of the woman rescuing the man.