Ten years ago, The Ganta Hospital in Liberia was struggling to rebuild while serving 24,000 patients a year. Intense thunderstorms forced surgeons to finish operations with flashlights in their mouths. The poor electricity limited medical procedures to those performed at the start of the previous century. Tens of thousands of lives were on the line. Something had to be done.

When Faith Lights the Way chronicles a rare altruistic quest to design and construct a vital, highly technical, life-giving electric system for a remote African hospital destroyed by fourteen years of war.

When Faith Lights the Way describes how a team – many of which had never been outside of the state of Texas – was forever changed by the social and human experiences of living and working in Liberia.

The story of average people, facing nearly impossible obstacles, who kept focused on their purpose, will encourage and inspire you to follow your unique God-given calling. Vincent’s message will inspire your audience to be giving, even when it’s not the holidays.


  • The 10-year anniversary of lighting up Liberia and how Steve and his team continue to travel to third-world countries to provide electricity
  • Being on the front lines/ground floor when the Ebola virus hit Liberia five years ago and how Steve was affected
  • The impact of Christian missions around the world
  • The importance of mission trips abroad even when there is important work to be done domestically
  • The need to not make sweeping judgements about a race or culture of people
  • Why finding and living your purpose matters
  • The consequence of deciding to “step out of the boat,” according to Steve
  • Helping Liberia return to its former pre-war prosperity


  • World Humanitarian Day (August 19)
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week (August 25 – 31)
  • International Day of Charity (September 5)
  • Season for mission trips – summer is one of the biggest seasons for mission teams to be sent out into the world – even teens and college students are doing missions NOW. This book is a good tool for preparing the hearts and minds of mission teams, as well as providing an example of how their experience can impact their lives and others.


Steve was a successful businessman whose first career spanned thirty-four years in the electric utility industry. In his second career, his efforts have been redirected to provide state of the art electric systems to improve the health and education to the neediest people in the world. Steve’s extensive experience in logistics while working with U.S. electric power systems has made this unique contribution to mankind possible. Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University.


“Steve Vincent’s book is a testament to faith and caring, an inspiration based on perseverance. His story is an examination that in a world too often divided by politics and selfishness, the light of truth and love can lead us to a better world.” ~ Dr. Rabbi Peter Tarlow, Chairman of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

“Liberia was a country of promise. But fourteen years of civil war left our country scared and devastated. So many were left homeless, existing without jobs, education, and adequate medical care. Power From The SON came to give these patients hope. This is the story of that quest.” ~ Bishop Bennie Warner, Former Vice President of The Republic of Liberia

“Steve Vincent is a man of deep faith whose personal journey connected his spiritual commitment with his professional and technical expertise to make an enormous difference in the world. This book is the story of how he combined his engineering knowledge, his business acumen, and his sense of Christian mission to launch the transformative project that delivered gifts of healing to tens of thousands of people. While it is a story of a journey from Texas to Liberia, it is also the story of Christian faithfulness becoming a mission of service in the name of Jesus Christ.” ~ Dr. William B. Lawrence (Former Dean of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University)