Tarick Walton grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica. A bright student with dreams of accomplishing big things, for himself and others. After being told he would never get into a prestigious American college, he was determined to prove that he could. Amidst life-altering setbacks, he persevered to successfully graduate from MIT with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

Tarick began playing tennis at a young age, approaching the game of tennis with the same joy, perseverance and determination as he did his studies. From school to sports, every step of Tarick’s life has been filled with challenges and obstacles, however, his joyful tenacity and persistence have allowed him to become not only successful in business but also a mentor to young people who are dedicated to following their dreams.

After MIT, Tarick received an MBA from Georgetown University, and with a diverse group of friends, he later co-founded The Walton &  Friends Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that brings together leaders of all industries (Business, Art, Science, Non-Profit and Community) to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) education among youth and engage in corporate social partnership projects that solve real life problems. Whether in work or mentoring youth, Tarick lives by and encourages others with his motto, “Do not let the world dampen your dreams.“ He currently lives in the United States with his wife, son and one on the way.


Tarick’s unique and inspirational immigration story, Secrets from MIT, Tennis and the Umpire Above: 10 Lessons From A Poor Jamaican Boy Who Never Gave Up On The Court, details his life journey from a poor, yet ambitious tennis player in Jamaica to MIT scholar to mentor and charismatic leader. The book also includes 10 cross-cultural and applicable “secret life lessons” that will help readers achieve their dreams, regardless of position in life, workplace, classroom, sports arena, or family. 

Each lesson that Tarick learned occurred during his journey to and while at MIT or through tennis. All lessons are conveyed within their own stand-alone chapters, and each secret lesson is written in the form of a short story so that the reader can freely choose which lesson applies to their specific position in life. Each short story also includes elements of Jamaican music and art so that readers can get an authentic glimpse of Jamaica’s culture.


  • Inspiring youth and immigrants: advice for young readers/immigrants who have a dream 
  • 4 tips for managing emotions on and off the court
  • How sports can parallel life: 3 tips for fall sports
  • 3 steps for goal setting: getting back into the classroom after 1.5 years
  • Many of today’s young people prioritize social engagements that are rooted in narcissistic and self-absorbed values instead of eternal principles that have guided great inventors, leaders, artists, activists, and athletes in the past. How can we steer them in the right direction?
  • Are we forgetting to teach young people how to critically think and solve problems?
  • Tips for rediscovering the importance of a God behind the balance of life, similar to the umpire in tennis


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