Discovering her passion early in life, Dr. Tinita Kearney began working with children with autism in high school. She pursued this passion, obtaining a Bachelor of Science as well as a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

Dr. Kearney found that she also had a passion for research and earned her Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology with a specialization in autism. She is a member of many professional organizations and honor societies, and currently serves on both local and state professional boards. She has taught at Howard University, been awarded the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning, and currently strives to advance the interests of those in the autism community as an Autism Speaks Volunteer Advocacy Ambassador for the state of Maryland.


Lola Koala is ready to take your child on an adventure! Little ones (ages 2-6) who love to sit in laps, “read”  lift-the-flaps, and explore will be enchanted with Lola Koala, a globetrotting adventurer.

In this first book, Lola Koala’s Travel Adventures: Who, What, Where and Yes/No Questions, Lola takes little readers along on her travels, asks questions (interactive with a lift-the-flap for the answers), and shares a clue on each page to her final destination.

Lola empowers kids and their parents by teaching foundational language skills and travel skills that help children practice answering Who, What, Where and Yes/No questions all while learning about cool places around the world. 

When asked why these skills are important to target at a young age, Dr. Kearney noted, 

“The ability to ask and answer questions is a critical language skill that is needed to functionally engage in conversation, to demonstrate and gather basic knowledge and to meet the Common Core standards of kindergarten and beyond. This skill is just one of many that I work on with a large number of my young clients and it’s my mission to empower caregivers to grow their children’s fundamental language skills at home, before they get to me, so that, hopefully, some may not need me at all.”



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