Prodigy Quest is a blend of YA speculative fiction and mystery at its most complex –  a tale of the esoteric and unknown. From the author of Blood and Wisdom and Cocktail Karma, Verlin Darrow’s latest is a thrilling world of historical past lives directing a lineage of truth-seekers through adolescent protagonist and boy genius Tris Healy. 

Tris, while performing on a TV quiz show as the “smartest boy in the world,” finds himself slipping into visions of a past life — his past life…or at least one of them. After the shock, 10-year-old Tris is smart enough to know that in order to sort through this transcendental personal earthquake, he’ll need help, and from there enters psychotherapist Marc Dalcour, who also finds himself inexplicably drawn to Tris’ story. The duo find themselves on a journey filled with strange cults, a book of unbelievable worth, a dog who looks like a horse (and has her own flashes of suspended reality), old Austin hippies being more than they seem, and perhaps the biggest shock of all — the development of universal truth. 

The plot twists and turns across the United States, enticing readers to follow Tris’ quest to the end. Darrow, with his expertise as a psychotherapist, uses therapeutic and meditative methods within the novel to shape Tris’ transformation from an emotionally stunted arrogant kid, into a human being with life-knowledge and clarity. Prodigy Quest isn’t just a thrilling tale, but a tome of transformative clarity for anyone who reads it. 


  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month
  • May is Get Caught Reading Month
  • July 7 – Global Forgiveness Day & Tell the Truth Day
  • July 13 – Embrace Your Geekness Day
  • August is Happiness Happens Month
  • September 25 – Psychotherapy Day
  • September 27 – Ancestor Appreciation Day


  • The process of developing a novel into the Young Adult realm
  • The transcendental themes in Prodigy Quest from reincarnation to mystical phenomena 
  • The truths within Prodigy Quest, how this book can be instrumental in the psychology of young adults and adults 
  • Darrow’s personal experiences/journey to becoming a psychotherapist and author. A former taxi-driver, singer/songwriter, and even his own experience with cults, Darrow can discuss how those roles flavored his style and career.

Verlin Darrow is a man who has lived many lives. At present, he is an author and psychotherapist living near Monterey Bay in Northern California. He began writing books at the age of 19 while trapped by foul weather in a campground overseas. From there, he pursued many passions, including a career as a professional volleyball player in Italy. He has two published books, Blood and Wisdom and Cocktail Karma, with Prodigy Quest set to be released late June. He also has a series of poems and recordings of original music on his website, Verlin Darrow has a wide variety of life experiences that have shaped his unique voice as a writer. 


“Verlin Darrow has a sense of plot and style that carries the reader forward into that special place of anxious expectation, the place where putting the book down is unthinkable…Darrow gets us into the minds of people you wouldn’t want to invite for dinner. Fascinating.”— Richard House MD, author of Between Now and When

“The story has great pace, fun characters who you care about, plenty of twists, and narrative ‘personality’, especially with all of the psychology and spiritual references. The mixture of a hard-boiled storyline with a soft- boiled private investigator works well and the psychology-spiritualism element grabbed and held my interest.” — C.I. Dennis, author of the Vince Tanzi series