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By: Tatum Sapinoro on February 19, 2021

Francine Falk-Allen

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Francine Falk-Allen was born in Los Angeles and has lived nearly all of her life in Northern California. A former art major with a BA in managerial accounting who ran her own business for thirty-three years, she has always craved creative outlets. This has taken the form of singing and recording with…

By: Tatum Sapinoro on February 10, 2021

Krista Nerestant

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Krista Nerestant is a practicing life coach, educated and certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and The Satir Method of Transformational Systemic Therapy to heal family dynamics and trauma, and an advocate for women and children. She hosts a podcast, Self-Care Tuesdays, that is dedicated to encouraging, empowering and elevating the journey of self-care. She’s teaching…

By: Tatum Sapinoro on December 9, 2020

Melanie Gibson

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Melanie Gibson began taekwondo training at age ten. At age twelve she stopped taekwondo to pursue other interests, and resumed training in her early thirties. Although Melanie had academic and career achievements throughout her life, she struggled with mental illness and low self-esteem. After making some progress through psychiatric treatment and counseling,…

By: Tatum Sapinoro on July 13, 2020

Michelle Moore

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“This is a book for our times. Women are being empowered to be change agents, and have the power for exponential change…this book will leave women wanting to make a difference in small and global ways but mostly will allow them to believe they have the power to do so. “ – Michelle Moore  …

By: Tatum Sapinoro on March 14, 2019

John Chuback, MD

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ABOUT THE BOOK In The Straight A Handbook: The 50 Most Powerful Secrets For Ultimate Success In And Out Of The Classroom, Dr. Chuback shares the skills, techniques, and philosophies which are the key to success in school, work, and life. Drawing from his unusually lengthy and rigorous academic experience, which led to a challenging,…

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