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Genres: Memoir

By: PR by the Book on November 29, 2022

Amy Weinland Daughters

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In the age of social media, what does it mean to connect through a hand-written letter? True Story: When Amy Daughters reconnected with her former friend from camp decades ago, Dana, via Facebook, she had no idea how it would change her life. Through social media, Amy learned Dana’s son Parker was at St. Jude…

By: PR by the Book on October 18, 2022

Lynn Forney

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By 21, Lynn Forney had already had her fair share of struggles. Clinical depression often hid behind her smile, but deep down, she never lost hope. Not really. As she began to heal and find her place in the world, something unthinkable happened. Lynn awoke to a man, a stranger, in her bed. Then he…

By: PR by the Book on May 23, 2022

David Pruitt

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David Pruitt is a first-generation college graduate from UNC-Greensboro and previously served on the advisory board for their Bryan School of Business. A licensed CPA and a member of the AICPA and NCACPA, David started his business career in an entry-level accounting position before advancing to first CFO, then CEO, of Performance Bike, for a…

By: PR by the Book on March 11, 2022

Caitlin Billings

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Caitlin Billings wants to open up a dialogue with the world and encourage everyone to be vulnerable. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California, she specializes in deep trauma therapy and is pursuing EMDR Therapy certification. Caitlin owns her own private practice and works as a clinical supervisor for…

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