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Guy Noland

Executive director and producer of, the Salvation Army Vision Network


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  • How many times have you been inspired by an online video, but then did nothing? makes rallying for a cause a cinch.
  • Fifth-generation Salvationist Guy Noland on growing up in The Salvation Army, and its next generation.
  • In the wake of natural disasters, it’s important to keep giving even after the news has died down.
  • What if you could measure the impact of your personal testimony? With the Salvation Army makes it possible.

For the first time ever, The Salvation Army is taking the Red Kettle to the heavily trafficked crossroads of social media.

Created to connect with the new generation being raised online, (Salvation Army Vision Network) is the video-driven voice of the Salvation Army. Its purpose is to share short films, video presentations and other content about the message and vast work of the Salvation Army worldwide.

It is headed by fifth-generation Salvationist, filmmaker, director and screenwriter Guy Noland, the creative force making SAVN an intersection of technology and evangelism.

Taking the original 1865 Salvation Army mission of evangelism into the 21st Century, SAVN provides the ability and opportunity to get involved directly online in unprecedented ways. It aims to share the Gospel across the web, tell the story of The Salvation Army, and encourage people to get involved.

How it works: Users register for a free profile, share their stories (video or written testimonies) and then track their impact, measured in views or donations collected because of their videos.  These personal social media Mission Stations allow users to get involved physically, financially, and spiritually in the mission of their choosing.

Visitors can watch videos with the option to donate as little as ninety-nine cents, share them, get involved with local Salvation Army centers, and add videos to a user’s profile. A public Prayer Wall gives users a place to share prayer requests, praises and thanksgivings.

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