Jennifer Brew Davis


Publisher: Falcon Guides
March 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1493026715

Jennifer Pharr Davis and Brew Davis (Asheville, NC)

Families on Foot: Urban Hikes to Backyard Treks and National Park Adventures


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What’s better than a hike? A hike with your whole family. Families on Foot is the perfect guide for families who are looking to bring their whole family along their outdoor adventure. This book offers not only advice, but also activities families can participate in during their hike, including children with special needs and seniors. Couple Jennifer and Brew Davis paired up with the American Hiking Society to make hiking more fun for all members of the family.


  • Why is it important to have family activities & shared experiences?
  • What has been the most memorable hiking experience for the Davis family? What about for your readers/ listeners?
  • What’s the most valuable tip you’d give to families who are first-time hikers?
  • What trails are on the Davis’ hiking bucket list?
  • How does hiking compare to other outdoor activities? Why it’s important for parents to be good outdoor fitness examples.


This dynamic couple, Jennifer Pharr Davis and Brew Davis, currently reside in Asheville, North Carolina. Brew is a high school history teacher who documented his wife’s historic record for the Application Trail (Brew wrote 46 blog posts while his wife was breaking records).

By hiking 2,181 miles in 26 days, Jennifer Pharr Davis is the first woman to be the record holder of the Appalachian Trail.

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