Jill Hardie

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 Jill Hardie (Canton, OH)

Author of The Sparkle Box



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Six years ago, Jill Hardie, her husband and their two children began a special Christmas tradition of placing a Sparkle Box under their Christmas tree as a gift for Jesus on His birthday.

Jill wrote the book, The Sparkle Box, to introduce this new Christmas tradition to families around the world – one that honors the true meaning of the holiday and spreads the joy of the season.

Jill shares ideas of special gifts that families and children can give to honor Jesus. These gifts – such as giving warm blankets to the homeless and food for the hungry – are then written on pieces of paper and placed in the Sparkle Box, to be opened on Christmas morning.

A Sparkle Box is included in the back cover of the book and can be easily put together by children as they think of their own gifts to give during the holiday season.

“Jesus taught us that whenever we do something for someone in need, we do it for Him. I think loving and caring for each other in His name is the greatest gift we could give to honor Jesus on His birthday,” says Jill.

Jill lives with her family in Canton, Ohio.


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