Joanna Rowland


Age Range: 4 – 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Sparkhouse Family; Brdbk edition (September 26, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1506426727
ISBN-13: 978-1506426723
Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 10 x 10 inches

Joanna Rowland (Sacramento, CA)

Author, The Memory Box


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“I’m scared I’ll forget you…”

From the perspective of a young child, author and teacher Joanna Rowland artfully describes what it is like to remember and grieve a loved one who has died. The child in the story creates a memory box to keep mementos and written memories of the loved one, to help in the grieving process.

Heartfelt and comforting, The Memory Box will help children and adults talk about this very difficult topic together. The unique point of view allows the reader to imagine the loss of any they have loved – a friend, family member, or even a pet.

A parent guide in the back includes expert information from a Christian perspective on helping children manage the complex and difficult emotions they feel when they lose someone they love, as well as suggestions on how to create their own memory box.

PRAISE FOR The Memory Box

“A small children’s book can’t say everything, but it can say something very important. This wonderfully illustrated book does just that. Joanna Rowland gently reminds a hurting child that amid the pain of losing a loved one to death, their love remains alive in memory and relationships, and that love is not diminished even as the child is called to go on living. Many young (and old!) hearts will find real comfort and courage in these pages.” — Kelly M. Kapic, author of Embodied Hope: A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering

“When a loved one dies, children need consolation, love, support, and affection. The Memory Box addresses this difficult subject sensitively. This beautiful book will help start the grieving process and support children to talk about their loved on in a normal, healthy way.” — Sue Atkins, author of Parenting Made Easy: How to Raise Happy Children


  • How can we help a child process death, the loss of a loved one?
  • What is the grieving process like for a child – what is their main worry?
  • Where did the idea of a “memory box” come from?
  • Parents/caregivers sometimes feel unsure about tackling the topic of death with their children – is it possible to “say the wrong thing” when it comes to teaching a child about loss?


Joanna Rowland grew up in Sacramento, California where she still lives today with her husband and three children. She teaches Kindergarten by day and writes picture books at night. In the summer you’ll find her at the pool coaching synchronizing swimming or cozying up with a book.

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